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  1. Hi Evry1, I am after some advice (obviously). This morning I received a letter from the DWP. They advised me that from March 2018, I will be eligible for pension credit. I curently received Conts ESA , basic rate due to private pension. I also receive Ind. Inj. Disability Benefit. . The DWP have not given me any advice in the letter, ie. How much I would receive etc. They have merely said if I dont wish to claim it, I need do nothing. However, get in contact with Pension Credit Office ; if I want to claim it. So now, I am wondering should I claim Pension Credit or stay with the ESA . A little background - I have a serious lower spine injury. I have had three lots of surgery on it. Hence I have been placed in the Chronic group and dont have to go for medicals anymore. My total benefits are £800 per 4 weeks. I also receive £800 net from my pension. Should I stay with the benefits or claim pension credit. I will be 65 yrs in September 2018 . Your thoughts plse. - Cheers - Scousegeezer
  2. I have recently had a few letters from HMRC. The first told me that I owe them £1100-00p. The other letters set out how I come to owe this amount. I have contacted them and told them that I cannot possibly pay them this money. I am unemployed , disabled and have just gone through a divorce. I subsequently received another letter from them stating that if I don't pay up, they will start to charge me interest. Now, I receive Industrial Injuries Disability Benefit and DLA (mobility) higher rate. The amount of benefit I receive puts me over the threshold for income related ESA; therefore I don't receive that. I am now in a position , just as a lot of people; that I have to pay 20% of my council tax out of my benefits. Add to this that I have to pay £25 per month to the legal aid people - to clear my debt with them , due to the divorce. I just cannot afford to pay any money to HMRC. PLEASE, where do I go from here. Many thanks in anticipation. Cheers - Scousegeezer
  3. Hi Ross, Were you given a verbal NIP at your home on the night - i.e - you will be reported for the question of consideration for prosecuting you etc etc. ( does any of that sound familiar.) If so they did not have to send you a written NIP within the fourteen days. If they have not done either then thay have failed to deal with you correctly and on that point of law you should win your case. I dont think I can comment further as the law is different in Scotland and I dont have that experience to make any usefulf suggestions. ( re Scotland that is ) Cheers - Scousegeezer
  4. Hi All, Surfer, Southampton comes into it because that's where Trethowans are based and thats where thay made the application for the claim. My brother has contacted the court and been told that he must download a form from their website and send the form in to have the court changed to Liverpool County Court, they have also advised him that it will cost him £75 to do this. The money is not recoverable - so it works out more expensive than paying the invoice in the first place. I feel terrible about all this because I gave him the advice in the first place to just ignore the invoice, but now one way or another it's going to cost him more than paying up. I gave him that advice because that's what I have read on this forum. The letter states that 17th January is for a prelinimary hearing, that is quite clear. When he initially received the claim , he wrote back to the court on the defence form ; stating that he could not enter a defence as there was not enough detail in the claim to do so. However, he stated that he would be defending the matter. He also requested the court to strike out the claim due to the fact that there was not enough detail. But the court wrote back with the preliminary hearing letter. there we have it. With whats happened to my brother I dont feel that I could advise people to ignore these invoices. What say ye people. Cheers - S.G.
  5. A127, No, he didnt recieve the court allocation questionnaire. He is runging the court today to request it be transferred to Liverpool as the Claimant and the defndant are both based in Liverpool and also the alleged transgression took place in Liverpool. Cheers - S.G.
  6. Hi evry1, I have just returned from holiday, to find that my brother has received a preliminary hearing date. This for the County Court in Southampton, the alleged indiscretion happened in Liverpool and we north live in Liverpool. The date of prelim hearing is 17th January. My brother replied to the inital papers as outlined above, but the court appear to be allowing the claim top go ahead. What do we do now plse. All advice gratefully received . Cheers - Scousegeezer
  7. A127, Once again thanks for the advice. Yes, this is what we have done. As stated above will contact if Trethowans re-submit the claim with more detail. Many thanks - Cheers - S.G.
  8. A127, Many thanks. The claim form is vary vague, just states £50 for parking charge. Nothing else. So for now, I have told my brother to ring the court today; to check the validity. If it is valid, I have printed out the template response in defence - ie the claimant should enter more details in order that a defence/admission could be arrived at. We are hoping that the court will strike it out because of lack of detail. If Trethowans then re-submit the claim, I will contact you with my and my brothers e-mail addresses; for your help. Many thanks - S.G.
  9. Altizi, I could see your point if we were talking about the car. But we are not. We aar talking about the clamps you put on. So reasonable excuse/ lawful authority still applis in my opinion. They dont have to damage the car. Just a whizzer to cut through your clamps to enable removal. Cheers - S.G.
  10. Altizi, The law on Criminal Damge states "without lasful authority or reasonable excuse". I think you may find that council parking attendants and their clamping/removal chums, may well have lawful authority or reasonable excuse to damger your clamps in order to carry out their duty. Cheers - Scousegeezer
  11. Ploddertom, Many thanks for the links, very useful. Will post again this afternoon when I have seen the papers and know if they are real or not. If not I think Trethowans will have a complaint from the law society going their way. Cheers - Scousegeezer
  12. Hi All, Anyone heard of Trethowans Sols. from Southampton. My brother recvd an alleged Parking fine notice from a PPC at the beginning of the year. I advised him to ignore everything as I have read on here. This he did. He has rung me a short while ago, having just got home from work, to say he has now recvd a County Court Summons from Southampton County Court; for the non payment of the "fine". I have not been round to see him yet, but I am aware that some "solicitors" issue papers to alleged "offenders" which look like County Court Summones. Are Trethowans known for this, is it possible that the papers are fraudulent. Any advise plse. Many thanks - S.G.
  13. Papa, Thanks for the info will try that now . Cheers - SG
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