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  1. Just checked with him,he signed it on premises.
  2. I thought it was enforceable. No idea if signed at home or not, i'll ask him later. Yes i know about the insurance. Thanks
  3. Anyone have a peep for me?
  4. Hell no, just this and 1 other page
  5. Sorry hope this works( sorted thanks for pointing it out)
  6. Hi, This is for my brother in law. I did a cca to tbi for a loan taken out in 2000 with HFC, had back the agreement and wondered if you guys in the know could have a look for me?Have washed all details Many thanks
  7. They have to keep the tachograph records but the tachograph has the drivers full name on it and other details so they might not let you have a copy( i know we wouldn't). Also to pick out the incident you describe would be hard for VOSA or the police to pin point, never mind yourself and the bus maybe fitted with a digital tachograph and to read this needs a specialist piece of equipment. Be aware also, that not all buses are required to have a tachograph record driving, I’m not sure of the details as i'm involved with trucks but as far as I’m aware if its acting as a service bus it does not need one but i stand to be corrected.
  8. WinRar by far the best i think WinRAR - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET Download.com
  9. Jed indeed there are only 2 cameras the last time i was up there but they also use mobile cameras too.I too have used the laybys to let others past, but as you will know,we wouldn`t get our runs done in our times if we pulled over at ever layby, so, you will always get people trying to overtake when its not safe to do. My point is that cameras do not always help and can at times make problems. Conniff, i`m not saying thats the way to do it but in times past we all respected the police and if one gave you a telling off, you took note of it.Now we all hate the cameras and have lost allot of respect for the powers to be over them.( and all the other ways the powers to be dream up and parting us with our cash ) These days its all about targets,paperwork etc and they have no time to police like we'd all like them to do.As TD27 said, we need more police on the roads, not more cameras.
  10. Points on your licence have lost allot of relevance. My family have fun trucks for many years and I too have driven HGV`s for 23 years (with only one conviction but that’s more luck I guess). Not too long ago we wouldn`t touch a driver with more than 3 points and even if they only had 3 points they would have to be a very good driver for us to take them on. These days we take on drivers with a max of 9 points and it’s not only us, just look in the job centres, the papers, most if not all say a max of 9 points. The things is, not long back, to get more than 3 points, you had to be a pretty bad driver, now its bloody hard not to get some points if you cover the sort of miles an HGV driver does. There are a few single carriageway roads( A303, A9 to name two ) throughout the UK that the police used to want HGVs to drive at 50mph which is over the limit( 40 mph ) as it helped with traffic flow and stopped car users getting frustrated and trying to overtake when its dangerous. Now with the cameras in place, HGVs stick to 40 mph and there are problems, anyone who has used the A9 knows this. Cameras have their place in really dangerous stretches of roads but the powers to be just use them to make money, so they now popup everywhere, a bit like daffodils on the sides of roads. It’s time we got back to good old policing, a time where a police car would pull alongside me, doing 60 on a dual carriageway (Limit 50 ) and sign me to slow down. We now spend far too much time, looking down at our speedos, making sure we are not above the speed limit, instead of looking at the road and that is far far more dangerous than someone slipping slightly above the speed limit.
  11. I believe you can exchange a full EU licence for a full Uk licence for a fee. There is no need to take a test
  12. Manchester is ok, think of all the lovely things about it..............the M56, M60 and the A580 all speed you out of the place
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