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  1. Whatever. I started this thread saying that I admitted fault in the speeding but my whole point has been that if discretion were used which it never is, they could easily forego the points and just fine me. That would still be enough to make me think twice about speeding. But oh no, still people have to come on here with their dogma and say, in so many words, "YOU ARE AN IRRESPONSIBLE DRIVER, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GET!" Get off your high horses. And if it's not ok to insult, perhaps you should go back and delete jed's insult to other drivers he calls 'tossers' unless you support double standards
  2. Sorry, I apologise for the insults. I just cannot stand people like him that wag their moral finger at others as though they're gods gift to driving. I've obviously learned my lesson since I'm now going to get 3 points and will have to be more careful from now on, but this place seems to be riddled with members who like to make others feel like criminals.
  3. Don't patronise me (EDIT). You're making out I'm some incredibly irresponsible driver just because I did 60 in a 50 at 2am. Because you do 60K a year (EDIT), you think it's your place to put others down.
  4. Mr.I'm the perfect text book driver. When I grow up I want to be like you
  5. Hear, hear. Yes, whilst I sarcastically said that I think half of the judges and police post here, there are also, thank god, some people here that agree with me.
  6. You say limits are there for a reason, except you don't take into account that those limits need not apply at certain times of day and are only kept in force because THE POLICE WANT TO MAKE MONEY! I'm convinced half of the countrys policeforce and court judges post here. All the pillars of society that like to slap someones wrist at any opportunity however petty OF COURSE IT'S A MONEY MAKING RACKET. AND THERE IS NO DISCRETION USED OTHERWISE THEY WOULD MAKE NO MONEY ESPECIALLY SINCE MOST PEOPLE NOW HAVE SAT NAV SPEED CAMERA DATABASES TO WARN THEM. AWWWWWWW, POOR POLICE.
  7. Actually, I didn't take the liberty, I just didn't slow down sufficiently because I hadn't paid enough attention to the temporary speed restriction. Anyway, I've been through many of those temp restrictions at varying speeds with cameras measuring your average speed from one point to the next and never been done so it's easy to think they're just fake pieces of crap which never actually record anything.
  8. Yes, my typing mistake, I actually meant junction 4 of the M6, not M4. Doh!
  9. Correct. Though I can see how my sentence could be misinterpreted to mean higher speeds than 60.
  10. Well even 60mph on a single carriageway country road still has to carry way more potential accident risk than a wide 3 lane motorway with hardly any traffic on it at 2am.
  11. Lol, completely agree. Ok, I DO think that the increase of speed cameras has decreased road accidents and I generally do feel safer on the roads. But discretion needs to be used instead of blanket fining and giving points to everyone without taking into acount individual cases. Yes, on the whole, it is a money making racket.
  12. So I got caught on the M4 doing 60 (probably from those average speed cameras) in a temporary 50mph section at 2am, no traffic, wide lanes, clear as anything, ABSOLUTELY no danger to myself or anyone whatsoever. Wrote a very polite letter to warwickshire police admitting my fault and asking them to consider a fixed penalty without points bearing in mind how clear the road was but that I leave it entirely in their hands. Of course, they ignored the letter and I've to send £60 and my lovely clean licence to get 3 points. I mean seriously, what is it with these authorities, don't they EVER use discretion? They just bulldoze their way to get their money even when they KNOW there was no danger. It's not like I was doing 80 or 90 which would have been fair cop, and it's not like I was doing 10 mph over the limit in a narrow built up area. It was SIXTY on a goddamn motorway. If you drive on country roads, they allow speed limits FAR more dangerous than what I did. One person who was more angry at this than even me reckoned I should complain to my local MP. But I doubt I have a cat in hells chance of getting anywhere do I?
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