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  1. so what... 12 years in total ?? that would be maddness. 6 years first to get it classified as SB and another 6 years to clean it out ? since the "incident" i changed my live, live in other place now, do other stuff. 6 years should be absolutelly enough for credit companies to see How I'm handling myself, payin current stuff on time.
  2. thanks for info.. I didn't make any kind of payment / money transfer to them. I called them (lowell) once or two, but never agreed that I own that dept all they say " you own money, you need to pay, give us your debit card" haha funny, I remember I said : I don't have money and I won't agree to pay by montly payments. Also I mentioned that if they give me a discount on that dept in writing. I may consider it as an offer. but definatelly, I never commit to that debt or agreed to pay any sum at all. So after one more year (6years in total) Do i have to do anything ? or it will go off and make my credit rating clear automatically.
  3. Hi there. I have a debt from 2004 Oct. Recently I stopped recieving "spam" mails with warnings. Just recieved a One page report with a information of money I own, and from when. there is a small info at the bottom, that there will send me yearly report of the ammount I own. No threatning, no "urgent payment required" titles. In details: I found the total money I own, and 0 pounds volountary ever paid. So its like they confirm that No payments were made to this debt. 1. Can I deal as statute barred ? 2. if so, would it still affect / remain on my credit score ?
  4. hi there. in regards to this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/206987-speeding-120mph.html I went to court, charges were: speeding only, 120mph on motorway. I admit it was my fault. My defense was: I wasn't aware of a speed I was driving as the motorway was empty and because of that I felt relaxed. I mentioned that i need a car to commute with my workplace, and public transport won't be available in such early hours. penalty was: 500 pounds and 50 days ban - my 1 year old uk licence has been taken, but I won't have to re-test after this time - my 4 year german licence stays with me, but I can't drive on UK roads because of that ban. so I wasn't that scarry as some of you wrote. It's worth to go to court yourself as you can explain your behavior and make a better impression.
  5. I'm german. I have both german & british valid driving licence at the moment. and it's UK registered car.
  6. re: 1. I do have a summon with a date on it, and i think it's for speeding only. "120mph on a distance of 1mile" 2. it was unmarked police car following me. 3. disqualified? does it mean a ban for a time- period ?
  7. HI there. I have 5 years driving licence in germany. But when I come to UK I decided to make proper UK licence, I pass the test at first, no problem. SO I have a clear UK driving license for a year I've been catched by police office speeding 120mph on M1. I'm about to go to court. Any advise what I can do ? I know that i will loose a license, but because I live in quite "outpost" location, it will be very difficult for me to get to work. Basically I need to drive. Is there anything I can do to keep driving licence? can I negotiate with them ? Like, instead of getting bar for a year. they give me ban for 3 months but higher financial fine ? condition on a road was perfect: 8am, sunny sunday morning, dry surface. OTHER CARS ONLY ON LEFT LANE. as M1 was basically EMPTY. Middle & fast lanes were empty . I know that if there were be more cars on road, I wouldn't be driving that fast. but because It was empty I feel relaxed . please advise what I can use to defend myself? and what fine can I expect to recieved. cheers david
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