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  1. well whats the top 3 google result for "brummies" ? brummies - Google Search= and biggest mouths brummies biggest mouth - Google Search= of course not all inhabitants of Birmingham are low class (white working class) and loud mouthed , unfortunately independent research does show that they are the "rudest people in Britain" and have the "biggest mouths in Britain" I find that I encounter more people who cant talk without shouting and have no manners in the West Midlands than elsewhere in the country I can travel from Euston to Coventry in peace , then the load mouthe
  2. Its funny that whenever a company pays money into an individual's account by mistake posters are quick to state that the money should be repaid to the company but when someone posts that they have paid money to company but quoted an incorrect reference number (although it has gone to the correct company bank account) they aren't as interested and will say its your mistake here's an example http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-consumer-issues/106974-money-put-my-account.html I have seen this on moneysaving expert too
  3. I suppose the advice is to use the self service machine and make these muppets redundant It is perfectly acceptable to buy a ticket from any station regardless of whether you are starting your journey from that station I have had this problem at Birmingham International when asking for a Silverlink One Day Travelcard , the twit refused to sell the ticket claiming only Virgin tickets were available , I bought the ticket from the self service machine instead with no problem - but I had compensation vouchers I intended to use I raised the matter with the platform staff and to my su
  4. Regarding your question about referring the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Did you incur the fees before the catalogue company joined the Ombudsman scheme ? do you know when the catalogue company joined the Ombudsman scheme ? This post on MSE states that the Financial Ombubsman will only consider complaints about matters that happened after the catalogue company joined the Ombudsman scheme , although the wording indicates that complaints about matters occuring after it joined the Ombudsman scheme are also excluded if the complainant became a customer before the catalogue became
  5. JD Williams includes Simply Be Registration Number: Z6624329 Information Commissioners - Data Protection Register - Entry Details Ambrose Wilson Registration Number: Z6624255 Information Commissioners - Data Protection Register - Entry Details All owned by N BROWN GROUP PLC NBrown Corporate website so I suppose you could have one £10 refunded ,however if you choose to send more than one subject access request they can all be treated as separate requests - you could ask for all personal data excluding transactional data , then when you have received that you could write
  6. I had a People's Bank Connecticut Comic Relief credit card , they sold to Citibank - the card number starts 4479 I remember using the card in a supermarket oop north and the thicko checkout operator asked the supervisor whether she could accept the card ?????? lol It reminded me of Nana from the Royle Family asking the vegetarian if she could eat wafer thin ham ?and then the thicko refused to accept the card for less than £1 , although I always thought £1.09 was more than £1 - where do they find these thick staff ? This website has now closed
  7. yes - it's all out of date by over a year - what a bunch of useless muppets what's this pathetic waste of space link ? http://nwwtest.nhs.uk/England/Dentists/NearestSearch.aspx it was working a few days ago - now it wont load and everything was out of date anyway (it's number 3 result on google nhs dentist find - Google Search ) I haven't been to the dentist since I was a child , when visiting one a few days ago they said they are not accepting new NHS patients (I am not fee exempt) and it is £60 for a new patient check up as a private patient and I could be seen in a few days , this
  8. What happened with this ? I would have ordered something else from Freemans (that wont fit through the letterbox) , when the courier tries to deliver it refuse delivery and hand back the goods you wish to return (they get paid extra for collecting returns) These big catalogue companies tend to be based in very low class areas - so you will deal with staff from these areas and they will forget that you might not live in such an area
  9. Yes - it is a counterclaim PART 20 - COUNTERCLAIMS AND OTHER ADDITIONAL CLAIMS You will need to pay the counterclaim fee and claim back the £968 charges using the particulars of claim templates mentioned elsewhere on this website your post is the top 4 search result on google close brothers credit card - Google Search I doubt that Close Brothers have experience in these claims , the terms and conditions on Welcome to ArrowCard state a £12 fee , so I am assuming that that they have reduced the charges since you were charged Having said that you haven't paid the £968 charges s
  10. I'm happy to see the arguments picked over with a fine tooth comb - I didn't write the legislation after all the terms and conditions on mail order websites often state; "we do not refund the return postage cost or the original delivery charge" "Should you cancel the contract we will then refund you the price you have paid for the goods, THIS WILL NOT INCLUDE THE DELIVERY CHARGE if you have cancelled after your order has been dispatched" If I order a pair of socks - the socks may cost £10 with £5 postage & packing making a total bill of £15 , if I return the socks it will
  11. 3.48 on this PDF "A Guide for businesses on Distance Selling http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/business_leaflets/general/oft698.pdf States that the delivery charge must be refunded Thats the law - so anything in the terms and conditions to the contrary can be ignored With 8 out of 10 mail order companies ignorant of the requirements of the Distance Selling Regulations this legislation is a joke If fact my local trading standards office had the same view as you until they checked the OFT guidance above - so who knows about the judge ?.
  12. Thanks - I don't get an auto reply to all emails and adopt the attitude that if they don't reply I will send a letter instead If they do reply then I would consider the reply proof that they have received it I received replies to my emails from some of the companies and they refuse to refund the delivery fee ME01273 has said they can deny receipt even if they have replied to it as far as preliminary letters are concerned , I wasn't aware of any requirement for this , having read bank charge threads on MSE , the amount of letters and things like including all previous case
  13. The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 2334 Requires refund of the delivery charge The Office of Fair Trading: Amazon and BOL agree to refund delivery charges 'The Distance Selling Regulations give consumers the security to buy from home, confident that they can change their mind once they have received and seen their goods. Consumers are entitled to a refund of normal delivery charges when goods are returned.' The OFT is currently in negotiation with a number of other companies under the Distance Selling Regulations regarding the
  14. OK - Thanks I won't risk it and will buy some stamps then It eats into the £3.95 delivery charge that I am paying £30 to recover - although they have no defence, winning a case and being refused the fee will mean I am out of pocket Since most mail order companies do not comply with The Distance Selling Regulations I am considering sending the "Letter before action" with the goods being returned to save paying for another stamp From DWELL ( link removed ) "We do not offer a free returns service, we do not refund the return postage cost or the original delivery charge, we do not offer
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