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  1. FOS have calculated my claim for charges to be repaid, and have added 8% simple interest annual. wouldnt this be daily? I seem to recall a spreadsheet calculation that calculates from the day the charge was applied. isnt this what FOS should offer?
  2. Hi - green and mean are the six letters you mention, letters that would be issued by the council, the court or both? so i should have received six, right? i will cal them and check it out, thanks.
  3. Hi and thanks for responses - to jamberson - no found letter when came home, states will be back tomorrow and have a warrant. Michael Browne - thanks i will do so. i have not seen new NTO, i have found my copy TE9 from last year. i ticked the 'Made representations about the peanlty charge to the enforcing authority concerned within 28 days of the service of the NTO but did not receive a rejection notice.'
  4. i am sorry it is all so confusing, i will of course get copies of items i may have missed (for personal reasons) but in the meantime i need to be able to stop the bailiff entering my home tomorrow and taking possessions.
  5. hi - yes same address, car was scrapped after that due to mental health concerns and reasons i provided for its usage to council by son.
  6. the notfication of july 2012 said 'the respondent filed a statutory declaration/witness statemnent on 10 jul 12. it is ordered that the order for recovery of unpaid penalt charge be revoke. it is further ordered that the charge certificate be cancelled.'
  7. from Northampton County Court 'this order does NOT cancel theoriginal Penalty Charge Notice. the local authority may well take further action on it. the local authority should inofrm you as soon as possible if it intends to do so' (july 2012) do i need an N244 as the bailiff has a warrant issued byNorthampton County Court? the above also states 'the respondent filed a statutory declaration/witness statemnent 10 Jul 12, (i actually wrote to appeal before then also!). It is ordered that the order for recovery of upaid penalty charge be revoked. it is further ordered that the charge certificate be cancelled. ??? so i thought it was cancelled???
  8. Hi, and thanks for replying - received a)the notice, i appealed it, heard nothing for ages, then heard from The Traffic Enforecement Centre who acknowledged my witness statement. (last July) then heard nothing b) not sure c) not sure not sure what others look like? 'offence' was in 2011.
  9. mental health appeal, son used my car and now bailiffs arrived wanting nearly 500 pounds, i am a carer, i appealed heard nothing for years, now this??? they are coming to take my stuff- is there anything i can do now, dont have the money to pay it either.
  10. hello and thanks for the link, useful info. The Money Shop are harrassing me at present despite being sent a letter requesting they do not telephone at all times of the day due to caring responsibilities, they refuse to stop and refuse to provide a copy of all the charges they took from disability allowances using the card details. Having read the link provided, I understand that the charges taking me overdrawn on a basic account, may challenged, as these charges are over any sums owed. I have no issue in returning funds borrowed, however, the charging regime appears to be draconian and unfair according to the OFT. thank you.
  11. if you are being repossessed, ring Shelter, they should be able to provide advice about homelessness options. I dont think the courts are supposed to give possession until all other options have been explored, including ways for you to pay the mortgage in the future. Shelter have specific help advice on these matters. do you know if you are entitled to Legal Aid at all? the CAB could help you find out, or use google legal aid calculator, put in your details to get a rough idea. good luck
  12. I might add, that there are threads all about this subject on here. They are a fascinating read and take a lot of brainpower to get through (or even for the ordinary folk to understand) it demonstrates to me that this is a huge and complex area not to be entered into lightly if thinking of any form of redress from lenders. It is not my intention to lead others down a path that has been discussed at length already. I truly wish the best to all those who have been affected by subprime lending practices, whatever their driving factors.
  13. http://www.oft.gov.uk/about-the-oft/legal-powers/legal/cca/CCA2006/unfair/unfair-rel-full/ this may point in some kind of helpful direction, I dont know if any of these case summaries are similar but have a look.
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