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  1. watching with interest...all the best
  2. I found some guidance, but not the detailed stuff from the ICO This 1 late payment marker, for a very small amount, has ruined all my hard work over the last year. I'm writing to the bank to see if they will remove it as a gesture of goodwill (common sense). ho hum...it's hard to stay ahead of these banks, i tell ya
  3. Hi There I'm looking for guidance on credit reporting for current accounts. I've checked with the FOS and ICO and cannot seem to find anything. The reason I ask is this. Recently, within the last year or 18 months, my first direct current account started to appear on my credit file, which is fine. However, a few months ago a payment was returned (for £9.87) right at the end of the month. All other DDs and payments were fine. So first direct posted a late payment marker for that month. The payment was taken again a few days later. So it now looks like I've missed a payment on a credit agree
  4. I say maybe in case I get sued! Ok, here it is. I used to subscribe to all 3 credit reference agencies (CRAs) in order to keep track of things and because I was taking a former bank to court, so needed access to my files. Once that was over (I didnt win or lose, but got what I wanted, after 3 years), I opted out of paying these guys and suspended the accounts. I should mention that during the 2 years I had regular access to the CRA reports, I spent a huge amount of time having things corrected. I would say they were only about 75% accurate at any given time. Fast forward a year or
  5. don't lose heart just yet, it all depends on what they did and in what order did they default you after you claimed charges back or before?
  6. they dont need a default notice for a bank account, trust me, I've been through this. however, if they repaid you the charges some time ago and then defaulted you on the same account, you do have a chance...that's how I got the judge's attention in my case if they repaid you, it doesnt make sense that they can then default you...or should invalidate the original default I will keep reading your posts and try to help. You absolutely must take them to court, they wont take you seriously otherwise
  7. lo and behold, 5 months after the court date and the default has still not been removed from the CallCredit file, despite an order of the court. what next? go back to the court and make them aware this has been ignored? Of course I've contacted Abbey, who sent me a standard letter about my 'complaint' amazing really, I dropped all monetary claims for a quick resolution, but I'm now tempted to claim the whole lot for an additional 5 months damage to credit etc. i think i will just go back to the court that made the order and open up the case again...the judge will be immensely displeas
  8. reading with interest French. word of warning, even though you get judgment by default, this can be set aside at any time. I sincerely hope it isn't, but it happened to me months after I got judgment by default. although, if you make it to court for restitutionary damages and they still havent put in an appearance, or response, it's highly unlikely the court will sympathise with them. all the best
  9. did they default you on the account that they returned the charges for? was it an overdraft? you may need to go through some steps to get some sense out of them. Do you still have the letters relating to the refunded amounts?
  10. i will post up more detailed legal info, asap, if that will help others
  11. Here's what happened, in brief as it ended up being a 3-hour hearing, scheduled for 2. I went to court to get a default removed from my credit file, added due to a disputed overdraft debt of, wait for it, £108. See here for backstory.. First of all this was a set aside hearing, as the defendant, Abbey, had failed to respond to my initial claim. So I got Judgment by Default. They wanted this judgment set aside. So that was the first order of business, after which they wanted my claim struck out altogether for having "no real prospect of success". The judge agreed that the Defendant sho
  12. Ok, here goes... Nobody won or lost, as it was a set-aside hearing. But I got what I went there for, so it's a victory in a sense. The default has been removed from all CRAs after a 3 year fight! I will post up more details as soon as I've finished my work!!
  13. am in court in 2 hours, although i feel like I'm drowning now. Hope I can hold it together.
  14. you dared challenge the banks over bank charges? well, this is their most effective response to that...they do their nest to default you, to teach you a lesson n'all! same happened to me, am in court on Tuesday. what you need to do next is this: get copies of all correspondence AND the default notice or even default warning letter (letter of intention to file a default) you can do this by issuing a Subject Access Request...see info here and do your research there will be a number of options open to you, but it depends on what paperwork you have, or what will be sent to yo
  15. I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED THIS!! Just checking and double checking my paperwork for court on Tuesday, and managed to decipher the system codes and notes from Abbey. From the dates, it looks like they gave me 28 days to settle the account before they would issue a DN and report to CRA. I paid, despite never receiving a letter of intention to file, within 19 days...and they still defaulted me!! I'm not sure what to do now? Do I submit a letter to the judge that new information has come to light that could expedite a speedy resolution..? Don't know how I missed this. System notes say:
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