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  1. hi recently moved back in with my mum and we are thinking of adding my name to the house deeds so things might be a bit easier in the future if one of us was to pass away the property is mortgage free so was just wondering if I need a solicitor to sort it or can I deal with land registry direct? thanks
  2. my only other worry is you sign for vacant possession and could it be argued that as some material is on the land belonging to property I should have cleared that area even though rubbish wasn't mine?
  3. hi yes answered all questions honestly to the best of my knowledge I did reply if it was in structure surveyor should have picked it up and as I mentioned buyer viewed property several times so assumed he was aware I believe the material is asbestos roof panels? not sure of the legalities 're those I get the feeling he is getting his solicitor to send a couple of letters to try and scare us although had an e mail from my solicitor saying would I agree to pay half as a compromise but felt this was them wanting an easy life and not really interested in me! any f
  4. hi not sure if this is the correct place for this but will post up and see what happens last year I sold my house but have recently received a letter from my solicitor claiming asbestos has been found to the rear of the property and the buyer wants me to pay to remove it when I moved into the house some ten years prior there was an area to the back of the house next to the garage which was fenced off and I assumed belonged to the electricity board who owned a substation next to said area.this area was full of rubbish and could easily be accessed from the rear for
  5. hi they seem to be saying if they interview her they can make sure she is in receipt of everything she is entitled to ,which in principle seems to be a good idea however you worry that it may be an attempt to snoop,not that she has anything to hide but just could do without the stress at the moment we havent heard anything for a while so i also feel they have stopped her claim for the time being
  6. hi all just wondering if anyone can offer some advice re my mother in laws pension credit application basically back in june my father in law suffered a severe stroke which has left him partially paralysed and unable to speak,he has gone into full time residential care and unfortunately my mother in law has now lost his pension and some of his dla money so we were advised to apply for pension credit for her when i first enquired i was told a representative of the benefits agency could visit her and sort everything out but basically she is elderly has just suffered all the str
  7. hi all looking for a bit of advice please re tax credits had a letter from hmrc earlier this year as we had made an error on our claim form and received overpayments.they then sent another letter stating the overpayment would come out of our future awards,however today have received another letter demanding full payment within a month !! will ring them as soon as i get a chance but just wondered if anyone had come across this before.the demand letter is from scotland and not preston who i normally deal with any advice much appreciated
  8. hi all yes its another tax credit overpayment question im afraid just had a letter from tax credits and it looks like we have made an error on our income declaration so they are saying we have been overpaid the last two years have been reading the forum but my two main questions are if i check my records and there are more years where it is incorrect is it best to declare these now? also if the overpayment is a significant amount will they still just take it back from our ongoing award or will we have to make other payments? finally is there anywhere i can check the basi
  9. hi all well it looks like my wife and i may be splitting up so i am looking to move out,may move back to my mums for now in the short term my question is at the moment my wife is the only wage earner and i look after the children,obviously i will now need to start claiming some sort of unemployment benefit but am worried if i move back in with mum will this affect her pension payments as i would be contributing to her income thanks in advance for any help
  10. hi all thanks for replies so far,have sent my e mail complaint and have had all the correct acknowledgements back from them in answer to a couple of questions yes we took readings on moving in but gave these to b gas as we wanted to change and my mum sent the cheque to first utility not a debt collector will update as and when i get anything back thanks
  11. the solicitors letter was from a company called new hampton law,although it didnt look very well done to me unfortunately my mum didnt catch the name of the debt collection firm thanks
  12. ok here are some more details my mum moved into a new property on oct 3rd which was supplied by a company called first utility on oct 21st she switched to british gas who she prefers to use she received an estimated bill from first which was way in advance of anything that is on her meter even now ! contacted them and they blamed b gas,contacted b gas and they blamed first. b gas have insisted it is now resolved and she is paying her b gas bills no problem but was still getting demands from first, she sent them a cheque without my knowledge for part of the bill ho
  13. hi all i have been advised to begin a formal complaint against first utility on behalf of my mother with regards to them claiming money which is not owed can anyone advise me on the procedure,help with e mails or template letters at all has anyone dealt with this company before as my experiences so far seem to suggest a very poor bunch many thanks
  14. hi all i have started the ball rolling against cap 1 with regards to unfair charges received my duplicate statements back but i notice that after a while they changed the charges from £20 to £12 my question is can i still claim for the lower charges or just ask for the higher ones back? thanks for any pointers
  15. hi all i recently got the ball rolling against hsbc to try and reclaim my old credit card default charges i fired off the first letter requesting copy statements,received a holding letter virtually straight away and today have received an offer from them of all the charges plus 50% on top!! we are not talking a huge sum involved but they seem to have caved in immediately i am just a bit suspicious of there motives,is this too good to be true or is this quite often the way they deal with these things now finally should i accept? thanks in advance for any guidance
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