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  1. Thanks andy, much appreciated. I assume i will hear from allocated court next?
  2. Ok, directions as follows: IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. The case be allocated to the Fast Track 2. The parties shall give to every other party standard disclosure of documents by serving disclosure statements no later than 6th October 2014. The latest date for service of any request to inspect or for a copy of a document is 13th October 2014. 3. Each party shall serve on every other party the witness statements of all witness of fact on whom he intends to rely on no later than the 17th November 2014. 4. Each party must file a completed pre-trial check list no later than 8th December 2
  3. Hi Andy, Yes it is Fast track. Ive only had their Draft Directions, I have my N181 but not seen theirs. This is stressful !
  4. Hi all, I have a Directions Questionnaire to fill out and am a bit unsure how and what to put in it. I have had correspondence from Claimants solicitors with their proposed directions then a further letter addressing the points in my defence. Help !
  5. Hi, Yesterday received a letter from Northampton Court- Notice of proposed Allocation to the Fast Track. Presume this is normal, was hoping no news was good news as it had been so long since the original correspondence from Northampton Court with the POC. I have some time to consider and find out what to do, but any help would be appreciated, especially andyorch who's invaluable help has got me so far. Thanks
  6. with your help andy they would be silly to proceed !
  7. Hi, Hope anyorch is around to help again. Looking like they are proceeding here. Last letter said they are not in agreement with the defence and await to receive directions from the court. Just wondering what my next step is? Will this get transferred to my local court? , and the court will notify me?
  8. Andy that sounds great. Many thanks. Will get it off ASAP and keep thread updated and keep reading up.
  9. and have they? Are they claiming the full amount as interest?
  10. PoC for reference... 1.The claimant is an assignee of the following debts, notice of assignment having been given to the Defendant in writing: MBNA POINTS - DIRECT (EXISTING) £***** Account Number **************** 2.Despite demands for payment, the above amount remains due. 3.The claimant therefore claims the sum of £****, interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 and costs.
  11. Hi Andy, could you look at this for me please. I've spent hours reading threads and it is still very daunting. I was reading a thread where you were helping Shamrocker and have tried to incorporate some of the advice you gave them into my own. I have spoken to the court at need to get this in quickly. It is as follows : DEFENCE I **** ****, am the defendant in this action and make the following statement as my defence to the claim brought by Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS, the Claimant. Except where otherwise mentioned in this defence, I neither admit nor deny any allegation made in
  12. Thanks, I will try and get them into PDF but it is unlikely I can do this before my defence has been submitted. I have however noticed that the DN sent to me from MBNA asks for the outstanding balance in full to be paid by the 29th August 2009, on the 27th August 2009 Experto Credite wrote to advise they had bought the interest of MBNA (is this classed as a NOA letter?). In any case this is a breach of timescales between DN and NOA?
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