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  1. Does anyone know if AM are appealing the judgement yet? The time limit must be close to expiring if not expired?
  2. Short term greed.............long time loss!
  3. Why don't you ask the environmental health officer to visit the premises?
  4. Still nothing!!! Very telling....over a month has gone by now and not a peep. If I hear from them in the next 5.5 years my solicitor is instructed to take legal action against them. Now I can relax 8)
  5. Well 2 weeks have passed now and not a peep from anyone from DL, ARC or Trevor Numb.............
  6. After posting all these letters recorded delivery..... I received "SHOCK and HORROR" a reply from ScotCall. 21st March 2011 Dear Sir / Madam ScotCall Ref: xxxxxx Account Name: Me, my name, you know the name you cant be arsed to put in the "Dear" field!!!! Address: Hurrah and a little mexican wave....they got it right, at last! Please find enclosed Paperwork relating to an account we are no longer dealing with. It was returned to our Client on 21/03/2011. Please contact them at the address supplied quoting their reference number xxxxxx Our Client: ARC Europe Address: Kent House Chuchfield Road Walton-On-Thames Surrey KT12 2TU Yours sincerely. My letter to ScotCall was included in the above letter in the form as "Paperwork". So no action through this agency then. RESULT! AT LAST! Success. So ARC are now on notice to either pass this back to their client David Lloyd AND cease recovery attempts or receive a claim from me through the Courts for intimidation and aggression. As the Meerkats say: SIMPLES!
  7. So in reply to the above letter from ScotCall Debt Collecting Services I wrote: ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE 16th March 2011 Dear Sir or Madam ScotCall Ref: xxxxxx Client Ref: xxxxxx I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 10th March 2011. My dismay in your continuation to send post to my old address is overwhelming. Despite verbal and written correspondence advising you where to send it, this has been ignored. This account has been in dispute with David Lloyd Leisure since 15th September 2010. My previous letters to David Lloyd from 15th Septemeber 2010 have NOT been answered satisfactorily. Therefore I will not deal with your company or representatives on the phone or the doorstep and any doorstep calls will be deemed as an act of aggression and / or intimidation and will be dealt with accordingly. If you choose to ignore this letter and attempt enforcement, I will take legal action and file reports with the appropiate authorities, including, but not limited to, Trading Standards, the Office of Fair Trading and the Information Commisioners Office. I hope this course of action will not prove necesasary. I have asked on numerous occasions that this matter be settled in Court. I have taken legal advice and any continued pursuit is in violation of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 in line with the Office of Fair Trading Collection Guidelines. I will no longer enter into protracted correspondence and suggest your client issue Court proceedings without delay. Any legal action will be defended vigourously and hereon in, I will only respond to official court letters / documentation. If Court proceedings are issued, this letter will be produced in support of my claim and / or defence together with all previous correspondence relating to this matter. Please note my correct address, as set out clearly above. Yours faithfully, cc: ARC David Lloyd Leisure "My Solicitors" I then sent this off to ScotCall and a copy to ARC and a further copy to David Lloyd Leisure and my solicitor for their records. The latter ones all had covering letters asking them to note the above letter and its contents and file accordingly. Lets see what happens now............reply from ScotCall below:
  8. On the 10th March 2011 I received a letter from ScotCall Debt Collecting Services following my final threat to ARC. It read: Dear Sir / Madam (they didn't even have the intelligence to mention me by name even though its in the address field!) Your above outstanding debt has now been placed with "ScotCall". Failure to pay or contact us immediately will result in your account being passed to our Field Representatives to arrange a Doorstep Call to make arrangements to repay this debt. To avoid this we require the payment of the full outstanding balance or should your financial circumstances prevent this we require you to contact us with a realistic offer of payment. They then go on to detail how to make payments and the various methods. So as you can gather by now I've decided that rather than get upset or mad with them I have on advice decided to turn the tables and now will threaten them. Considering ARC and Trevor Munn appear to have given up, I then typed the letter you will see in my next post to ScotCall, ARC and David Lloyd's.
  9. Well following all that I then received a letter from ScotCall Debt Collecting Services. I'll post the contents of the letter up here shortly and my reply AND the outcome...........hilarious.
  10. Well since I threatened ARC no further calls or post from them. No issues with my 3 Credits files either. Will keep everyone up to date every 2 weeks just in case. My solicitor has indicated that ARC staff work on commisions so its in their interest to bully and cajole you into paying. If you stand up to them they rarely (if at all) will take it further. They prefer easy pickings otherwise its not worth their while to pursue through a court......thats the responsibility of their client, in my case, David Lloyd. Useless, unscrupulous, unprincipled, incompetant pillocks!!
  11. Hi Slick.......yes am currently putting together a complaint to the FOS (solicitor is drafting) but require a second instance for it to be viably damaging apparently. Havent checked my credit records but nothing should be on there regardless as there wasnt any credit involved. However these are incompetant parties we're dealing with here so will check this week or next as latest. Will keep all posted as to what happens next 8)
  12. Just can't believe these muppets. Threat after time-limited threat and still no issue in Court, post still being sent to an old address despite telling them where to send ALL correspondence and now a return to the automated telephone calls by robot despite warnings from ARC.
  13. Firstly welcome and I'm sorry to have to see another misled and disgruntled client of David Lloyds. With regards to the constant phone calls from ARC, when they next phone advise them you have taken legal advice and you are requesting that all further communications MUST be in writing otherwise you will report them for harrassment to the FOS, TS and the police. Secondly, with regards the Northampton County Court (NCC), they are just empty threats. NCC is an online claim issuing portal hosted by the HMCS. If they were solicitors or even Debt Collectors they'sd be doing at their local court not online. Also IF (and a big IF) they issued in Court then you can get the claim transferred to a court near you. They'll never do it so dont worry. I have been bounced from Solicitor to ARC then back again then back again despite sending them an address of my solicitors they still try and converse with me at my old home address. They are obviously useless, dont speak english and are very third rate. My solicitors are putting together a bundle to present to the Solicitors Regulatiuon Authority (SRA) to get them either fined for harrassment and malpractice or possibly even a nasty rap over the knuckles. Either way they wont welcome it. It will be somewhat damning for them. Print off the David Lloyd website info regarding youraccount being up-to-date, send 1 letter to ARC saying the account is in dispute and as such they will are barred from pursuing this alleged debt. Failure to do so will see a them being reported to the FOS, TS, OFT and the Police. Also all correspondence must be in writing. THey'll huff and puff and keep bouncing you here there and everywhere but they'll all be empty threats and just have a laugh at their incompetance as they start getting all their facts wrong. My alleged debt is still out there and I've had 2 time limited threats to settle or we'll issue court proceedings. I'm still waiting as I'd love to go to Court and get the findings against them and they have to pay for it 8) These **** just rely on threats and frighteners to get you to pay up that's all. Never succomb or you'll be an idiot!
  14. Its very quiet on the David Lloyd front for everyone?
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