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  1. Martin - Lowell are skunks of the worst type and I didn't say CAG has a hidden agenda but you of all people should know that Lowell certainly have and the site is condoning their actions by allowing them to post on here. Posters have said they don't feel safe being infiltrated in this way and after all they have been through at the hands of Lowell it is no wonder they feel that way. You have seen the effects of Lowell's behaviour on posters and they no longer feel secure on this site. It's like inviting the Gestapo to a Jewish wedding and them saying "We are here to help you." Bull. Since that is CAG's official position, I am off. I am not going to be a member of a forum which openly allows DCAs the opportunity to manipulate posters for payment they are not entitled to - and that is solely their purpose for posting here. As they make these posts, they continue to bully and abuse. There presence here contradicts everything CAG used to stand for but it has obviously now totally lost the plot. Bad move, Martin, and there will be tears before bedtime.
  2. Do you have the agreements? Post them up and we will check them for enforceability. Remember to cover over your personal details.
  3. Uncle Bulgaria - do you work for Lowell??
  4. Ignore the post from Lowells. They are just trying to get payment out of you and site admin are condoning it.
  5. The CRAs are jointly responsible for entries on credit reports - they are joint data controllers with the banks/DCAs. If you have to take your complaint to the ICO then the complaint is against the bank/DCA AND the CRAs.
  6. It is the last payment on the account. If these payments weren't made by your friend then he should challenge the DCA for proof that he made these payments - date, method of payment and amount. He can also state it is Statute Barred if he is sure he did not make these payments and let the DCA argue otherwise, which he would just ignore.
  7. The thing about courts is you never know what way the wind is going to blow. In my view it should be unenforceable but a judge could easily say "You borrowed the money - pay it back" whatever an agreement says. The important thing is to try to avoid going to court at all by using these arguments to put the account in dispute and fight your corner.
  8. The prescribed terms for a loan and insurance must be set out separately as I indicated in a post above. One is restricted use, the other is unrestricted use and that makes it a multi agreement. Loan Interest Total Charge Signature Box Insurance Interest Total Charge Signature Box
  9. Separate signature box or not the loan details have to be set out separately - they are lumped together. The prescribed term for the loan is thus wrong.
  10. I have had 2 complaints upheld by the ICO fairly quickly. I wouldn't say you'll get nowhere with them - far from it.
  11. It is not for them to dispute your dispute and they are just trying to force you to make payment. Send a copy of the Account in Dispute letter to their Complaints Department and mark it at the bottom "Cc The Office of Fair Trading Consumer Credit Licence Fitness Department". Send a copy to the OFT then completely ignore Wescot after that. They will eventually go away.
  12. A complete waste of £10 in my opinion. All a buyer buys is the details - the documentation stays on the records of the original creditor.
  13. You don't want to SAR both - all CQ will have is the name, address, agreement and amount. BOS retains all the information on the account as the original creditor. I don't know where this sending SARs to the DCA crept in.
  14. I would report them to the police for threatening you and you must report them to the OFT. [email protected] Don't speak to them on the phone again - ever. They are obviously a right bunch of charmers.
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