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  1. I fully understand that a request for a CCA makes no difference to the 6 years etc. Let me recap this debt will be completely statue barred 100% in a matter of three months regardless of what they do or supply period end of. As it stands if they are able to provide a copy of statement of account they will see the last known payment being a few months on so giving them more time to pursue this. If they only have the date of the CCA, then yes it is now statue barred. I don't think they have the statement of account but i cn't be sure at this stage until maybe i request it? Back t
  2. Thanks for looking, The CCA request i sent them to be fair only asked for the CCA under the Consumer Credit Act (Section 77-79) In answer to your question this will be statue barred guaranteed in three months time last payment 100%. I send them a limitation act letter when this all started many months ago and they replied saying it was not statue barred and was only able to give the date of the CCA as a reason for it not being so (this date has now passed 6 years). I know the last payment date but don't think they have that information. There was only three payments ever
  3. Hello and thanks for looking in, I will keep this brief and give the facts to date and hopefully you may be-able to help. This account will be statue barred in March next year official (last acknowledged payment) The CCA send was Capquests only known last acknowledgement details they have of this debt this has passed last week. so gone 6 years maybe i could send the limitations act letter again which may force them to prove proof and details of last known payment possible as i don't think they have this? They have only sent the CCA after my request, no statement of accoun
  4. Hello Bondie40, Thanks for the reply and the information you told me which is helpful so far i have not recieved any more info from Capquest regarding the CCA request. I'm going to wait it out i suppose there's not too much i can do until they write or supply something it's been a week since the SAR was supplied from HBOS but nothing from Capquest at the mo. Will update as soon as i have any new information. Let hope nothing comes would suit be best.
  5. I have now had a chance to look at the subject access request sent from HBOS. A couple of points if any one can help or confirm...'' The CCA looks consistant all the terms and conditions detailed seems to be correct with signatures. However they have not supplied the default notice only a statement of the account which lists the payment record. My main question, Can they use the statement of account as court proof of last known payment and the acknowledge of the debt 6 years from that date? Or do they need the genuine default notice of last known payment,
  6. Hello Blondie40, Any constructive help or advice is fully appreciated you are right in what you have said i have since spoke with a freephone debt help number about following up a PPI claim he said the downside is i would acknowledge the debt in doing so....i need to think more about this..''
  7. Hello to all looking in, I subject accessed requested HBOS for a bank loan almost 6 years old by about a few months now. Capquest are pursuing this debt i have asked them for a copy of the CCA which was done at the same time as the SAR. So i am presuming since HBOS have supplied me with it no doubt Capquest will also receive there copy in response to my request to them. I am kind of expecting a letter from them with the supplied CCA. I 'm kind of debating my next move since it will be statue barred in a few months. The PPI on it was overcharged should Capquest supply
  8. Emm, not really life's pretty good to be honest. I still feel apology was in order and i have done that which makes me feel better as i was rude to dx. I'm sure it will accept that and allow us to move on.
  9. Yes your right i am wrong and fully apologise. I do appreciate all help and advice from those who take the time to post and help.
  10. Sorry dx, i fully apologise my choice of words were wrong. Thanks for the info i will read up on what you have said about re-claim PPI.
  11. dx100uk, Someone with your time on the board....'' Who cares if it exist...'' The issue is does it need to be paid 25,000 pounds my friend. I refer back to me thread is the CCA en-forceable as per the original CCA. If so then no worries this debt will be statue barred in a few months i'm sure i will find enough delaying tatics to bring me to that point. And yes although I/HIM will always forever owe the debt it can never be enforced.
  12. Sorry bud, you have confused me and maybe yourself. If the debt is un-enforceable..................then it will not need to be paid. So if you don't need to pay it because it's un-enforceable then it does not exist does it?
  13. Hello and thanks for the reply, Here is the CCA for those who wish to see i'd rather not claim but would be more interested in it being un-enforceable let me know what you think...'' CCA230001.pdf
  14. Just to add the sticky also claims that you should have two seperate signature boxes for the Loan and one for the PPI. I understand from reading the sticky thread this become law from 2005 onwards?
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