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  1. Thank you all for your help and advise will get a letter sent to them asap could someone please give me the address, and maybe put and end to this Im suprised they are allowed to keep working with their credit control 'tatics' would love to see them out of business! Cheers everyone:D
  2. Hi all my name is Lucy and hoping someone can please help me resolve my problem with Lowell Portfolio. I had a debt with 3 which was then passed to them, they then passed it to Buchananclark and wells which i paid a settlement to them and the account was then closed with them they then gave the file back to Lowell. Since looking at my credit report it is still saying that i owe them money which is giving me a bad report so I cant get credit! Could someone please advise what I should do I have tried phoning Lowell but no such luck I have left about 4 messages for them to call me! Thanks
  3. I had a debt with Lowell five years ago and they passed it onto Buchananclark and wells which i paid a settlement which was half the debt owed, looking at my credit report they still havn't updated so its still showing a defalt I have been trying to find a telephone number everywhere for them (which they dont seem to advertise anywhere funny enough!) Does anyone know how I should go about this as its affecting me get a mortgage and all sorts! Thanks Loobylu
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