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  1. Brilliant, thanks very much! Got a letter from them this morning; REF NO:XXXXXX "Dear Sir or Madam, Your details may now be passed to our Field Agent Co-ordinator. The purpose of a visit will be to establish your residency and reason for continued non payment. Details of your assets, such as vehicles and other property may be recorded during this visit to determine your ability to repay this debt. If you wish to resolve this matter prior you can contact our Field Agent Co-ordinator directly on 07825 735867 Yours faithfully, Owen Gregory " WTF
  2. Thanks Guys! Can I send recorded delivery mail to a P.O. box number?........
  3. Thanks, Guys, great advice and thanks for the links ! Only problem is, they've never sent me anything in writing, despite them telling me they have (on numerous occasions apparently! ) so to that end, I couldn't send them anything even if I wanted to, as I have no address for them. My worry is that they will keep phoning while I'm at work, and be rude to my Wife and upset her even more. Apparently, the man on the other end of the phone kept demanding that she give them my mobile number, to which she kept on refusing. Even though she told them repeatedly that; A) She was not me, and
  4. hello does anyone know anything about M.I.L. collections? They have phoned me a couple of times about a debt that i've never heard of..and have been very rude to my wife in the process.. They've also threatened to "send the boys round" if I dont call them by a certain time !! Any help please?
  5. Hi guys, First of all, I'd like to put you in the picture as to the issues that we are facing....... We live, as council tenants, in a very leafy and pretty area of our town, and have enjoyed for years the beauty and peace of this area. We have three children, who we love dearly with all our heart, and love the fact that they can play within the road with confidence and security. Across the road from where we live, is a piece of what the Council calls "Public open space", which comprises of a large "square" of land which is slabbed and is perfect for our young children to play on.
  6. Hi Stretchmo, Seems very similar to the current redundancy process, in so much that the company would potentially make a job redundant, and invite the person/s concerned to "justify" their jobs, or come up with another way to save money, thus keeping the job as is. My gut feeling is, yes, they are allowed to do this, but, if your letter is quoted word for word, then note the "we may consider.." and the "consultation process may commence" If you are genuinely unhappy with the situation they've put you in, why not have an informal chat with your employer? Are you in a Union?
  7. Hi Che, Thanks for your advice. I'll keep you posted on events going forward. I've also been advised to contact our H.R. Dept. as regards the flexibility of the company towards parents of young children............ Regards, cmad69
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