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  1. Thanks for your help. Vrry much appreciated? JB
  2. Hi, Could anyone let me know if you can claim Road Tax iif you get Attrndance Allowance? Many thanks JB
  3. This is absolutely ridiculous ! Its no wonder that people are no longer bothering with CAG and going elsewhere and are also no longer preared to help finance this site. If responsible adults cannot have a discussion/debate on current issues in the Bear Garden without some people being tetchy then what is the point of it. If you don't agree or are offended then go to another thread. Once again what has happended to democracy ! In an earlier thread (which I think has since been removed) someone said that Bookie was being discriminated against and it looks very much like they were right and its been very obvious that it has not been the first time either! This women has helped more people than one would care to mention on this site but she is entitiled to her opinion and not to have her opinion 'twisted' when it does not suit. Some of us are absolutely fed up with those that are "in" and those that are very obviously "out". Well I for one am out until this site starts to play fair with ALL members but from where I am sitting it could be some time and I will not be helping with anymore funding either. JB
  4. Don't worry Bookie. My Dad always said "they were only a rough guide anyway!" (traffic Lights) Why I am thinking that JK is very obviously reminding me of someone else that has posted on here before under a different name ? To tell someone who has had a clean licence for longer than 20 years and then has a couple of mishaps, that most us have had at some point in our driving career, and then to go on a course to re-train beggers belief ! How wonderful it must be to be so perfect................ JB
  5. I for one will be pleased you are choosing to leave after the extremely rude and distasteful remarks against a person who goes out of her way to help anyone she can. There have been many egotistical people on this site for a number of years now but you take the biscuit. People are allowed their opinion - its is called democracy. Bookie is a breath of fresh air on these forums with her no nonsense approach and I have been grateful for her help on more than one occasion. Byeeeeeee
  6. Thanks so much for your reply. I have tried to PM you but cannot find how to do it. Could you perhaps PM me and then I can respond with some private quieries. Many thanks JB
  7. Hi, I have just received a letter this morning headed 'Notification of Visit' from jobcentreplus. It states that they are coming to see me next Wednesday and it is imprtant that I be in ! They say a 'query' has arisen regarding my claim anad they need to ensure the payemnts are correct and it is important that they discuss the matter with me. They also say I should note that where there is doubt about whether the conditions for entitlement are met they can suspend my benefit. What the hell is all this about. I have never had any issues for years with them other than my health degenerating ! Could someone please throw some light on this for me please. JB
  8. Ordering a new fridge/freezer because I thought my old one had broken and then finding out it just needed de-frosting !! Thank god I managed to cancel new one
  9. I think it stinks. The man shouted to anyone who would listen years ago that he was the 'talented' one at the Baftas! Where is his talent now? Last Album flopped so he feels he can rejoin TT. They have proved to all the music mogals that they are extremely talented group of 4 men without the fat lad with the big gob. Lets hope its only for this Album and not the tour next year. Personally I would have told him to chuff off but as you say it will make them money. The Orange one is still mine tho:D
  10. Tornado is a term used in the Police and Prison Service for a specialised group of Officers trained in Control and Restraint. These people can be brought in from different areas of the country as they are considered the elite in their field.
  11. I have just been looking at some paperwork from DLA and it states that you have to tell them if you are going to be away for more than 1 month. Hope that helps JB
  12. Excuse me. I do know when I am well off and I find that remark offensive. It has taken me nearly 4 years to get the money to purchase this furniture and your crass remark does not help. I posted this to alert others so they would not have to pay their money out for weeks and then not receive their goods. I have paid them a substancial amount of money and felt I should receive a decent service.
  13. Thanks for that as I was actually looking at that company after my fiasco!
  14. Hi Has anybody else had issues with deliveries from this Company ? The Story so far................ I ordered some furniture (Bedside Cabinet, Wardrobe and Chest of Drawers) from this Company on 08/04/2011 and they told me they would deliver in approx 8-10 weeks. No problem. I also paid them a deposit of £648.50. On receipt of a card saying my furniture had arrived I spoke to them on Monday 21/06/2011 and paid them the remainder of the cost and and they said they would contact their delivery company in order for the delivery company to ring me and arrange for me to take delivery. They did so on the 23rd June and arranged to delivery the furniture on the 25th June. They came on the 25th June and delivered the Wardrobe and Bedside Table but said they had not got the Chest of Drawers and that it would follow but they were not sure when! The driver also told me that they had delivered the same set of Drawers to another lady before me !I telephone Newtons Furniture and asked why this had happended and they said ALL the furniture should have arrived as it was showing as in the warehouse and they could not undestand what had happened. They said they would investigate and then get back to me. Eventually they did and said it had gone missing ! They said they would arrange for me to have another set delivered on the 02/07/2010 until they had received the set to match my furniture and they refunded my delivery cost (£80). I rang Newtons again this morning to check that the spare set of Drawers were infact being delivered today and he said he would check and get back to me. Newtons rang me back and said they had not been put on the van for delivery (because the girl who was dealing with it has lost her Dad on monday)and it would now be next week before I got anything and my original drawers have not been found but he has ordered a new one and they were expecting to receive them at the end of the month. When I said I was not happy with this situation he said he would arrange for ALL the furniture to be collected and refund my money and then said 'goodbye'! If anone is thinking of using this Company please be careful or you too could end up paying money out for 12 weeks+ and not seeing your order. JB
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