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  1. My first comment is that the German stuff I love was too expensive, so went for the chardonnay! I am a heathen, I'll neck it out of a chipped mug (well, not really, lol) I only bought the, rather delicious looking, rose as it brought me closer to the £100 threshold than anything else - such is my desire to not splash out and maximise the deal! Have you had a dispatch email Fred? Mine is rather ominous in that it could just be one bottle of the chardonnay! I'm not fussed, suspect there will be more dispatch emails to follow. (Doesn' mention the x6 or x12... just has the name of the w
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Have left enough in certain account to just cover bill - just in case (I'm overly careful!) 19 bottles delivered @ £1.99 each - splendido.
  3. Yeah I'd agree with that. I don't know really, but hope the main site is flourishing. Lord knows (so to speak) people need it more than ever. It's easy to forget all the good, when seeing silliness in here - which in the grand scheme of things..... Of course most members have left due to events on the main site, but don't want to drag up some of those issues - best left to die anyway. Just have to realise the BG has died! No debate, bah bah coloured sheep have you any wool. Anyway, I have nothing left to say about it - BG and content - words games and PC stuff. Just hated it tha
  4. Or so it seems. It does look like our Bookie has gone I am in contact with her, but she is very vague! I take from that contact that we are all unlikely to hear from her again unless she or CAG has a change of heart. How much longer is the list of good Caggers leaving this site going to get before CAG stops treating people like children? My words, not hers I should add. Perhaps I should mute myself before it is done for me. I am not expecting any response of the ST (or certain members of it) - the idea they would care is bordering on hilarious. Well, we know people don't like to ap
  5. Have only glossed over it for 10 minutes, but this article is interesting and thoroughly expected. http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/the-staggers/2010/10/spending-review-poorest-income
  6. Swingers weekend at work, expecting to go in at 10 and find them naked in the bar and corridors. They were all trashed by 6PM last night when I left, and the bar was open until 4am. Can't wait, not.
  7. It would seem that people are 9 times more curious if Lady Gaga has a widgie or not. Somebody is busy in Paris right now, anything else lined up? A head to head with Angie Knight perhaps?
  8. I'm glad you asked, I could do with an overview of it all again - got lost towards the end. I know the OFT said they would investigate/intervene (some sort) of charges if they were anymore than £12, not capped as such. As far as I know credit card claims are still ok?!
  9. Just being random, but I played darts with Gary Wilmot when I was like 8. He kicked my ar$e. Poulton and the Fylde Golf Club, and yes, my dad was doing the barmaid. What a mission I am on. I'll duly regret it tomorrow.
  10. She may have blockaded her entrance with 'G' pastry to repel you.
  11. I logged in before and typed out the whole sorry affair. Thought better of it though; a true one-off for me. Can't. Ain't really laughin' either.
  12. Status update: Worse day on record. Just can't talk about my tutor's sh*ggin' about or the implications. At least I couldn't say that on Facebook; Cagbook wins.
  13. Yes, I meant a curry... just like Hils thought. Young being 'fresh' you see Mistaken my a*s hound!
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