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  1. What a ridiculous thing to say. Might I suggest you check your FACTS before posting?
  2. In which case, simply write to Welcome, tell them you will NOT communicate in any way other than letter. So, being in severe diffs with other creditors is a worry. But first thing is to keep a roof over your head. So You need to be speaking with whoever has the mortgage on your house as a priority, and if at all possible, keep those repayments up. Welcome, since they only have a second charge on the property, are on dodgy ground. Even if they took you to court, it is highly unlikely that they would be able to force a sale for only £13K. The problem with coming to any sort of arrangem
  3. Did you have PPI included in your loan? Anything there you can do to reduce you liabilities has got to be worth a try. I'm not so sure repo is a realistic option if all you owe is £13K. And I fail to see how, if that's what you owe, repossession will leave you with a £30K shortfall in any case. Or are you behind on your first charge mortgage too? It's still not clear enough what's going on here.
  4. Has repossession started yet? Or Are you simply being pessimistic? It's not at all clear what stage things are at from what you are saying. Neither is it clear if repossession is a likely scenario. How much is the debt for? Have they actually defaulted you in law? Is it all threats because you have stopped paying? Have you challenged their right to enforce the debt? etc, etc, etc... More info needed before anyone can offer any sort of constructive advice.
  5. Just write back, and tell them that the matter is under investigation by the FOS, and they should not contact you again, otherwise you will include their threatening lettter in that complaint. It's nothing but a ploy to frighten you.
  6. if Andy is calling from WF, he's hardly likely to have bought the debt, is he? Not entirely sure what you are on about. Have repossession proceedings commenced? I assume not, otherwise why would they be hounding you still by phone? As to what to do about it: you could always just try putting the phone down. Or barring the number via BT.
  7. Quite what use that template will be to Tam, I have no idea. Since it deals with unlawful charges. Tam, Welcome will never agree that they are liable to refund beyond 6 years. You'd be better off writing to them and telling them that since you now have their final notice to your complaint, you will be taking up the issue with the FOS. Who will take a humongous length of time to get their finger out. Short of taking Wecome to court, that's your only option. Playing ping pong with letters is going to get you nowhere.
  8. Feckitall. I'm outa here. But at least it's my choice this time. If Bookie and everybody else supporting the ad campaign can't see that the businesses advertising go against the whole ethos of what CAG USED to be about, there's no way anybody is going to change their minds. If you can accept that some people are going to be hurt by taking folks up on their kind offers, then you are either without conscience, or imagination. Before I go, I'll just remind everyone why I have such a downer on Bookie. Here's a venomous wee post from her earlier on, totally unprovoked. And as I have no r
  9. I hope this helps Bookie. Big enough picture for you? Still think there's no reason to get annoyed?
  10. Strange then, that I was banned in the past, for breaking the oh-so-important rule of not being allowed to advertise. Except it was on my PERSONAL blog, FFS. Not even ads pointing to Payday loans or ripoff merchants offering credit without checks. But that's OK. So long as nobody thinks there might be double standards at work here. Oh, no. Wait...
  11. Ah, I see. Simpler to get rid of folks who question the fact that Lowells, and any other grime-ridden vermin that feel they would like to "help" their customers in CAG, than to ban the Lowells rep. Yes, that makes perfect sense. To somebody at least. Certainly not to me. Just as I cannot understand why entire threads questioning the subject have been pulled. You may SAY that posts have not been moderated, but you, and many others, know full well that this has not always been so. It seems that the "right to say what they want" does NOT extend to certain genuine posters. So why should
  12. So, Bookworm. Lowells were given short shrift, were they? Doesn't seem like it to me from reading this thread, ye specky eyed bint. Perhaps if ye went to Specsavers, you'd be able to see the above Lowells poster, and mebbes actually see the ads that everybody but you has noticed into the bargain. Of course, mebbes all ye need to do is remove yer blinkers.
  13. Oh, THIS is interesting. In actual fact, it is CF(UK)Ltd who purchase and own the debt. CF(Europe)Ltd service the account. i.e. Try like buggery to collect on it. They do NOT own it. So if your NoA says they do, the NoA is bolleaux. Make them prove in court that they bought it. They won't be able to, since UK buy the accounts. Always. So NoA is nonsense. Doesn't mean they won't issue a corrected NoA. Maybe. I'm confused though, cos their templating system is set up to send the same guff out to everybody, with the only variable being data pertinent to the recipient; Name, address
  14. So it would appear that Concept Cars are still about, so maybe it's time to have a bash at them. I'd be going in and banging desks.
  15. As if!!! LOL It's just a way around the profanobot.
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