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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All:-), My wife and I recently went Bankrupt. Well….2011. I know some people may call us crazy but it really did change our lives for the better! Anyway I digress. My wife and I both had debts with 'T-Mobile'. They were passed to 'Sigma SPV1 Ltd' and in turn 'HL Solicitors'. The debts were a part of our Bankruptcy. We were discharged in Oct 2012. During our Bankruptcy 'HL Solicitors' kept sending us demands to which I always replied, referring them to our 'Official Receiver' (Plus I sent them numerous copies of our Bankruptcy Order). Over the last 4 months 'HL Solicitors' have become particularly aggressive! Until recently we have complied completely and been forthcoming! (even more than we perhaps should have). We sent them more copies of our 'Bankruptcy Orders', our 'Proof of Discharge' and even a copy of page 14 of our 'Statement of Affairs' highlighting that the debt was included in the Bankruptcy! (I realise that it is irrelevant that it was actually in the 'Statement of Affairs' and that any debts that we may have missed would still be a part of our Bankruptcy but dealing with imbeciles we wanted to make a point!) ‘None the less’ the latest letter I have received is a notice that should we not make payment within 14 days they are going to take us to court! Funny enough as well as anger reading this letter, I couldn’t help laughing as I know they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on! The next step I am going to take is, I am going to phone our 'Official Receiver' to find out what they can do about it (if anything) and I want to write a nasty letter to them, explaining how they have got it so wrong etc My question has three parts as follows: 1 - Does anyone know if they have a dedicated complaints department that I can write to direct? I have tried to research this but found nothing? 2 - In my letter I want to let them know that I am going to also write to the OFT and my MP etc. Can you tell me who else (if anyone), I can put in my letter as a threat that I intend to write to etc? 3, Can you let me know if you can think of anything, no matter how little, that I can/Should include in my letter? (any references’ to litigation/law etc, specific words like Obtuse or Vexation for example?) I want to thank you in advance of your replies for taking the time to read my thread and reply! Thank you so very much Darren. P.S Just to let you know that my frame of mind is that I really want to give it to them in this letter! Perhaps make them sweat if I can!? Whilst obviously writing the letter within the constraints of the law and without sounding like a raging lunatic etc lol! Thank you kindly. P.P.S Sorry but I have just thought of another concern. My wife and I have registered with Experian, Equifax etc. With a view to gaining control of our credit. It has been great! I would recommend it to anyone. For example we had two Bankruptcies each so had the error corrected (We‘ve only ever gone Bankrupt once), we have had debts that were registered against us but were a part of the Bankruptcy marked as satisfied or even removed and it has increased our scores dramatically! However we both have one remaining................yep you guessed it, ‘HL Solicitors’!!! Do you know who is responsible for either removing it from our credit record or marking it as satisfied (Due to the Bankruptcy)? Is it 'T-Mobile', 'Sigma SPV1 Ltd' or 'HL Solicitors'?? I only ask because I have inquired with them and every one of them has passed the buck, stating that it is the responsibility of one of the others!! I can't thank you enough for any help you can give us!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here and I was wondering if you could help me? I've already posted this on another forum but I'm posting here too to get some more info as you all seem like a very knowledgeable bunch Basically, this is my situation: Last year in 2012 (I can't remember the exact month) I got a letter from I think the company was called something like Sigma saying that they were writing to me on behalf of t-mobile on a £164 bill I owe which I must pay immediately. This bill was all the way back from 2009! I found this strange as I have NEVER had a phone with t-mobile. The only thing I could remember was a internet dongle I purchased in 2009, over the counter and pay as you go. I literally used it for one day, then bought an o2 dongle the next day as the t-mobile one didn't work and never used the t-mobile one again. But I thought surely I can't owe a bill that much on something I didn't even use! So I phoned up the sigma company and told the man on the phone that I have never took a contract out with t-mobile and this must be a mistake. He told me he'd look into it and that was that for a few months. Now since then, I have been getting multiple letters off a company called HL Solicitors (who are acting on behalf of a company called Sigma SPV1 Limited) asking me to pay this bill. So a few months ago I called up t-mobile instead and explained to the woman the situation. She said it was from back in 2009 but the account has since been closed and she can't access the specific details on what exactly the charge was for. She said she would notify the fraud department and in the meantime just to ignore any incoming letters from this debt collection agency which is what I did. Then yesterday I got another letter of HL Solicitors saying that if I don't pay the bill within 14 days they will take me to court! And now the charge has gone up to £229! So I called them up demanding to know why they are still harassing me. The man said it was for the dongle but it was an 18 month contracted dongle that hasn't been paid for! Now I know I did NOT enter into an 18 month contract with t-mobile, I bought the dongle over the counter at a supermarket. I didn't sign for anything. So I told him I'm going to sort it with t-mobile. So again, I phoned t-mobile. I explained the situation to the woman and she said the bill is for the contracted dongle back in 2009. She said they passed my account over to a debt collection agency in 2010 (without my knowledge or permission) and said I need to pay it. I told her that I had received NO letters or contact from t-mobile asking me to pay this so called amount and WHY when I was supposed to be making these monthly payments every month for 18 months, did they not contact me asking me where the money was every month if it was supposed to be a contract?! She claimed that they did try to send me letters prior to 2012 when I know I have not received any and all she could say to me was to take it up with Royal Mail! How the hell will they still have records from 2009? So after a long debate with her she said all I can do is email t-mobile in writing stating my case. She was no help whatsoever. It just seems fishy that they are only now wanting the money off me, THREE YEARS down the line! There has been no contact prior to 2012, absolutely nothing during the 18 months when I was supposed to have this "contract". If you enter into a contract with a company and don't make the monthly payments, they hound you for them so why if I was in a contract didn't they do this back in 2009? Also, the woman said the account has been closed so she can't access the specific details. So, what, am I supposed to just take her word that I owe all of this money without proof? Also, if the account has been closed, why would I even have to pay this so called amount? I was just wondering if anybody can advise me what to do. I don't like this debt collection agency and I know you have to be careful with them. I know just ignoring them won't make them go away so what can I do? I think I have an advantage in that they have left it three/four years to even make contact now, and the account has been closed. I know I didn't enter into that contract but I can't prove it as I don't have the dongle or the receipts, and realistically, who would after this long a time? This is why it's so frustrating because they've left it so long, all of my proof is gone. I'm VERY new to all of this legal stuff, so any help in layman's terms would be hugely appreciated. From other users on the different forum I posted on, they have advised me to send a 'Prove It' letter to the companies which is what I'm going to do. But both these HL Solicitors and T-Mobile don't have email addresses, just postal ones so it's going to be a pretty slow process, which is making me even more stressed seeing as the DCA say I only have two weeks to pay before they take me to court! Anything I can do in the meantime to get this sorted? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  3. Hello all, I was wondering if someone can help me... I have researched few similar cases but can't really find a suitable answer. Basically, in 2002 I used my overdraft and couldn't pay it off - jobless and young. As far as I remember, my debt was £1000. Tried to arrange repayments with my bank but couldn't keep the payment on time. In 2005, I started receiving letters from Capquest demanding payment for two different accounts (£800 and £600) on behalf of my bank - I paid them £200 and stopped afterwards. I kept receiving their letters and chose to ignore them because they have never managed to show me any legal document in regards to the debt. After several letters and few years later, in 2009 I spoke to someone from Capquest and made another payment of £400 over the phone - I wanted to get rid of them but again, my financial situation got worse and I couldn't afford the payments no longer. Few months later, I started receiving letters from Mackenzie Hall and Scottcall - which I paid £80 again in 2009. Then I came across sites likes this one and realised my debt could've been statute barred - but I am not sure as I made the payments throughout the years. Now, I have received a letter from CCS collect saying that despite several letters, my acc has been selected for action by their legal partners HL solicitors. They also said that if I don't contact them ('even at this late stage you can still contact us to agree a repayment plan and prevent your acc from transfering to them'), legal action may be commenced against me in the Country Court. Now, I've read the 'may' and not 'will' is a total different matter. My question is: is my debt statute barred even though I made such payments? Should I contact them to arrange a repayment? I have no idea how I should proceed - I can't afford £600 - which is the amount they are requesting. Any advice will be very much appreciated! Thank you!
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