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Found 4 results

  1. Please can someone help me get these masters of harassment off my back? I keep getting letters from these guys regarding a Credit Card Debt with Lloyds TSB. I have attached scan copies of the letters that I have received to show the chain of correspondence. I have also a copy from Lloyds TSB by way of a SAR Letter to them of my 'Debt Manager Archive Details' showing that the debt was sold by TSB on the 12/12/2003 to 1st Credit for £2.52! Regarding any payments that I have made to 1st Credit or Connaught, are they legally entitled to them, and if not should I be seeking to get them refunded? What should I do now as I am at my wits end and although not a spotless credit history, I am just starting to make headway on clearing all blemishes on my file, the last I want is a CCJ from these guys appearing for another 6 years. Also, I notice that they have done a Credit Search this month and it is showing on my file without my authority. Please, please, please help. Many thanks
  2. Hello all, I was wondering if someone can help me... I have researched few similar cases but can't really find a suitable answer. Basically, in 2002 I used my overdraft and couldn't pay it off - jobless and young. As far as I remember, my debt was £1000. Tried to arrange repayments with my bank but couldn't keep the payment on time. In 2005, I started receiving letters from Capquest demanding payment for two different accounts (£800 and £600) on behalf of my bank - I paid them £200 and stopped afterwards. I kept receiving their letters and chose to ignore them because they have never managed to show me any legal document in regards to the debt. After several letters and few years later, in 2009 I spoke to someone from Capquest and made another payment of £400 over the phone - I wanted to get rid of them but again, my financial situation got worse and I couldn't afford the payments no longer. Few months later, I started receiving letters from Mackenzie Hall and Scottcall - which I paid £80 again in 2009. Then I came across sites likes this one and realised my debt could've been statute barred - but I am not sure as I made the payments throughout the years. Now, I have received a letter from CCS collect saying that despite several letters, my acc has been selected for action by their legal partners HL solicitors. They also said that if I don't contact them ('even at this late stage you can still contact us to agree a repayment plan and prevent your acc from transfering to them'), legal action may be commenced against me in the Country Court. Now, I've read the 'may' and not 'will' is a total different matter. My question is: is my debt statute barred even though I made such payments? Should I contact them to arrange a repayment? I have no idea how I should proceed - I can't afford £600 - which is the amount they are requesting. Any advice will be very much appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, Hoping you can help me out here, came across these forums after doing some web research based on a letter the follwoing letter I received from Mackenzie Hall- MH Ref: xxxxxxxxx Client: Arrow Global limited Sub Clinet: Fairmile Partnership 1 LLP Principal Sum: £xxxx.xx ATTENTION - REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ACTION Our client Arrow global has instructed us to commence with pre-litigation doorstep visits against you for the outstanding balance. To avoid this action a monthly repayment plan must be in place within 7 days. You cans et up a direct debit arrangement by telephone, calling one of our operators on 0844 4115627. We require a first payment of £xx.xx on 25/02/2013, followed by installments of £xx.xx from 25/03/13 until balance is cleared. No response to resolve this matter will leave us with no option but to sanction a doorstep visit to your property by our field collectors, Meritforce. I must admit that this is not the first letter, after the first letter i checked my credit report, while its not great, there is definatly no mention anywhere of owing any of these people any money, so thought it must be a mistake. Now this second letter has appeared I'm getting slightly concerned. Can anyone point me in the right direction now please as I dont want people banging on my door demanding money for something I have no clue about...
  4. For the past four years I've been getting letters from these debt collection agencies and it's beginning to drive me a bit crazy. They never say where the debt originated but I suspect it was from a Cable&Wireless phone line in my name in my shared house in university (14 years ago!) that I forgot to get disconnected when I left. I had a letter from C&W shortly after I left university asking me to contact them but I was leaving the country shortly after for a few years and so left thinking nothing of it. It then started about four and a half years ago with a letter from Thames Credit. I wrote to them asking what the debt was and they didn't respond so I found a thread on money saving expert and wrote a Consumer Credit Act letter asking for the credit agreement, they didn't respond in time so I sent them the standard follow up letter ("Therefore on 20 March 2008 this account became unenforceable at law") and phoned Trading Standards who said there wasn't a lot they could do but they would make a note of it. A year after that ActivKapital sent me a contact letter, I sent them the first response and they sent back a letter saying they hadn't been able to verify my identity and so would not continue action. After that Mackenzie Hall sent me a letter asking for contact, I sent them the first CCA letter and they stopped sending me letters. Earlier this year EquiDebt sent me a letter. I replied in the usual way and they sent my £1 postal order back with a letter saying "Having receiver [sic] your request, we have undertaken a review of the tracing procedure and are unable to verify that you are the correct individual that we are attempting to contact. As suck we are not in a position to provide you with a copy of the original agreement relating to the account. We have therefore removed your details from our records and will not contact you again in respect of this account. We apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused, this certainly was not our intention." Finally a month and a half ago I got a letter from Ruthbridge asking me to contact them. I sent them the same letter asking for the credit agreement under the CCA and then today I received a letter: "We take notes of the points you have raised in your correspondence, however we must advise that we are not in a position to comply with your request at this stage as we are required to verify information we have been provided with yourself [sic] for the purposes of data protection in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We would appreciate it if you would contact our offices so we can complete the necessary verification." I could just sent the second letter again and I'm sure it would go away but it is driving me crazy that they all just keep selling/passing it on without addressing the fact that there clearly is no credit agreement or the statue of limitations is long since up. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks & sorry it was so long, good to vent finally!
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