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Found 3 results

  1. Hello good people, l've replaced a 3G connection from THREE with a 4G connection from EE. I'm trying to be polite about EE, trying v. hard. There appears to be something badly wrong with the CRM software. The 'family-friendly' filters prevent access to Microsoft's Help and Support sites. Specifically 'BITS' a function of Windows 8, Background Intelligent Transfer Service. When I bought this device I specifically asked the vendor, EE store in Brent Cross, to get rid of the Child block. Minor C###ups include: no ability to check Data usage or ,and this is dumb, no ability to add pre-purchased Data to a Data plan, actually maybe the last is a 'f' you kind of business plan. Now it seems to be a weekly exercise to justify my Adult decisions. I'm not prepared to go through this whole Palaver again, paid my Money, don't need the B.S. Peter
  2. Dear Neighbour I don't really know you, but I'd like to ask you a favour. Please turn your music down, or, if you feel you need to listen to really loud music (who doesn't sometimes), then please use some headphones - I'll happily buy you some if finances are an issue. Because, you see, all I can hear is a continuous loud thump-thump noise at varying speeds. I can put up with it for a little while every now and then, or the occasional night if you're throwing a party (no I don't need an invite, just a note of warning through the door with a 'promise to end by' time), but it's been more than five hours now, with no signs of stopping. Every now and then there is a pause in the thumping, and I become hopeful, but then it starts again and I realise it was just changing tracks. I dread to think how loud the music must be in your flat for it to still be loud through several walls and a lobby. I may now feel the need to resort to playing chop suey very loud to drown you out, and am considering moving on to some slip knot if you continue to trespass on my peace and quiet.
  3. I am hoping someone can help me, or at least tell me that I am right. Back Story I obtained my credit report from Equifax on Monday, and it shows that I have a default for EE from July 2009. I have paid this balance in full and continued to use the mobile contract up to present day. Now I have an outstanding balance accumulated in January for a massive bill, and I am on a Arrangement with Orange to pay this off. Now, on the report it shows as Defaulted in 2009, not satisfied, and no payment history from the default up to present day. Contact So I decided to fire off an email to Orange Credit Team a copy of which is below: --------------------------------------------- Good Afternoon. Please can you copy (email address) into any replies as I will not have access to this email address as of 1st March 2013. Name: xxxxxx Mobile Number: xxxxxxx Address: xxxxxx Credit Ref: XXXXxxxx I am writing in reference to a default that was applied to my credit report on July 2009. Firstly, I never received a default notice regarding this account. So you can imagine my surprise in seeing this today when I obtained my credit report from Equifax. If this default is indeed genuine, then it is still stated as defaulted on your report entry, although the balance was settle in August 2009 and I have continued to use the contract up to present day. Also on the report it shows no payment history going up to present day. As this is the only item on my report, I am using this to build my credit profile. Please can you advise why this is still showing as defaulted and not settled? (Attached screenshot of Equifax) Thanks, xxxxxxxxx ------------------------------ Ok, then I got a response within 24 Hours, not even copied the other address as requested; ----------------------------------- Our Ref: xx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxx Dear Mr xxxx Thank you for your recent email. £xxx.00 is still outstanding. Could you please pay this amount as soon as possible? You can make a payment by calling us on 07973 100178. As soon as you’ve paid, we’ll update your credit record. ---------------------------- This tells me absolutly nothing regarding my original questions, so I sent this reply -------------------------------- Your Ref: xx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxx Dear Mr xxxxx, Thank you for your quick response. I indeed know there is an outstanding balance for £xxx on this account, but this was accumulated from December 2012. I currently have an arrangement of pay for this balance that was set up on 22/01/2013. Please could you advise why the default is attached to the account from 2009 as my original query stated? Also my second question regarding the payment history from 2009 to 2013 not showing on the credit report. I await your reply, xxxxxxxx --------------------------------------------------- This is the reply today -------------------------------------- Thank you for the response. The default showing on your credit file relates to arrears on your account which were left unpaid for over 6 months. We can see that you have since cleared the arrears and as a result your subscription was reconnected to this account. As the same account was used this has meant that credit file information has not updated since reconnection. Hence the payment history from 2009 to 2013 is not showing. We would be happy to update your credit file once the outstanding balance is cleared in full. Thanks again for contacting us. Regards ------------------------------------ My reply today ------------------------------ Our Ref: xx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxx Dear Mr xxxxx, Thank you for your quick reply again. I am still failing to see the relevance of this outstanding balance. Please can you advise what the credit report will show once the payment is paid. Also, can you advise what would have happened if this query was raised in November of 2012 before this new debt was accumulated? Surely after the account was settled in 2009 then the default would also show settled. Also I really do not understand how I can have no payment history on my account from 2009, and also the arrangement to pay is not showing that was set up in January of this year. This record is severely damaging my credit rating and I am attempting my best to get this rebuilt. But it appears all the work I have done from 2009 up to present has not counted as anything as it is not showing on Equifax. I look forward to your reply, and also please can you reply to all on the next reply so that my personal email address gets a copy. I will be unable to use this mailbox from 1st March as stipulated in the original request. Regards, xxxxxxx ------------------------------------------ Now am I wrong, or should this info be on my credit report. Also, is there any threats I can include to get this updated straight away? You help is appreciated, Steve
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