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Found 3 results

  1. I have just received a claim form from the court. Lowell's are claiming for a credit card with Lloyds. I have not heard anything about this debt for years. I found an old email that I sent complaining about lloyds (to a consumer action group) because they were harassing me by telephone-this was in 2008. I also stated in the email that I had been paying it but was in dispute with them so had ceased paying. I am pretty sure I would not have made any further payments I think it might be statute barred but I am not totally sure. Could someone please advise me as to defend as in dispute with original debtor (I think they are not allowed to pass it on to a creditor if in dispute?) or if its better to try and get account details from Lowell and copy of agreement, assignment etc to see if its statute barred. Thank you
  2. Hi everyone, I need some advice.... About a year ago I hired a gas safe registered plumber toinstall a new boiler, nothing in writing, all verbal agreement. I supplied the boiler and all of the materials. The job was actually carried out by theplumber’s junior, who as it turned out was not Gas Safe registered. I only realised this at the end of the job whenthe junior stated that his boss would return to commission the boiler and dothe paperwork. I complained in writing tothe plumber about the legality of the work and he lied to me stating that hisjunior had all relevant qualifications but he stopped short of actuallysupplying his junior’s registration number. I also complained that the flue was dripping lots of water to theoutside and that I suspected it was fitted at an incorrect angle. I reported the plumber and his junior to Gas Safe forillegal work and Gas Safe came out and did a safety inspection. The inspector condemned the installation asthere were dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide in the flue. He disconnected the gas supply as the boilerwas too dangerous to use in the state it had been left in by the plumber’sjunior. After over a week without heating and hot water I managed to findanother plumber who was prepared to take on the responsibility of sorting outmy dangerous and defective installation, commission the boiler and sign it off. I was extremely disgusted, upset and angry. I told the original plumber in writing that Ididn’t want him to rectify the work, couldn’t trust him and that I wasn’t goingto pay his bill. I didn’t receive anapology or even any acknowledgement of the appalling service I had experienced. That was 8 months ago but last weekend out of the blue I receiveda letter from a company hundreds of miles away threatening legal action for anoutstanding debt to this plumber for over £800! Far higher than the original quote. I’ve replied to the company briefly outlining the details of the casestating that I do not consider I owe the plumber anything, illegal work, incompletework, dangerous installation etc. I alsosaid that I can prove everything I’ve stated to them. I’ve not heard back yet but I don’t think the plumber has aleg to stand on. What I want to know is,if the original plumber has ‘sold on’ the alleged debt and the company doestake me to court who will I be defending my position against, the company orthe plumber? I suspect the company is a debtcollector but their letter is worded such ‘our client is prepared to take legalaction’ which I don’t think a debt collector would say. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks. PD
  3. Dear All I would be grateful for any advice in relation to the following situation facing a family member: Situation: 1. BC debt disputed, not resolved by BC. 2. BC sold debt to DCA. 3. DCA demanded payment in full, reported negative CRA markers for >1 year. 4. Family member sent CCA request and disputed the debt. 5. DCA subsequently told relative that they could not obtain any documentation from the OC and closed the account, removed the CRA data and said they would cease collection and not sell it on. Questions: While there has been remedy, what claim for damages does my relative have in relation to the damages caused to their financial reputation? I am aware of the case of Durkin in Aberdeen Sheriff Court but has this precedent been successfully applied in subsequent litigation with respect to financial demages?
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