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Found 1 result

  1. I'm so angry right now I could crush a grape I, like many others dont have the opportunity to have our broad band routers in the same room as the TV and sky box so we can have the pleasure of watching on demand TV. So when I heard about this little device I though yippee I can now watch on demand on the TV instead of my laptop. So I ordered one. It came today, I got quite excited, I know, small things please small minds and so on.... So I set about setting it up, then I heard on the sky start up page that existing customers can get them free. Oh I thought, I didnt see that when I ordered. Anyway made a mental note to find out more about it and carried on setting this up. But alas it didnt work. I went online to have a look and see what the problem was. My box seemed compatible as my box was a R008 and all you needed was a R004 or higher, which I had. Hmm I though, I must have a faulty connector box. They do look rather cheap and no bigger than a credit card. It certainly didnt look like it would cost more than a pound to make. Anyway just to make sure I hooked it up on a friends sky box and it worked, however the signal was terrible and interfered with the sky. Moved it nearer to the router and it was fine, (6ft away). This wasnt going to do as my TV is in another room 15 ft away and I cant move the TV nearer the router and visa versa. Hence why I ordered one. So I got sky up on chat as I didnt want to pay for the call and at 5p a min, I didnt want to rack up a huge phone bill as I knew there was a possibility I would have to wait. I explained to this person that the mini box didnt seem to work with my sky box and they said they would send another, I said it was pointless as my box is not compatible and the mini box was ok, but they wouldnt have it even though I didnt want a new box, the conversation went on quite a bit. We also discussed about the payment of the mini box and that I had found out that it was free to existing customers. Well this isnt technically true. If you have connected via an ethernet cable in the past you dont get a free one. How on earth was I meant to know that, dosnt say it in the advert. But at the bottom of the page in small black writing, way way down the page, where you have to scroll down quite a bit and after a load of gumph there it is. The place where you order it dosnt even refer to anything of the sort. Very bad advertising. The chat goes on and I ask what can be done, she kindly offers me to have an engineer out at a charge of £60 to come and set it up for me. That was it I told her not to reorder one (for the 3rd time) and to not send an engineer round. I then decided to call sky, which I know I should of in the first place. It gets worse. I was put through tech support and after checking my box I was told that my box was not compatible She then tells me that they couldnt send me out the one I needed because the stupid person on chat had ordered a replacement. She would have to cancel that and then once that was cancelled they would send me a new one at no cost!!! This could have taken some time and by this time I was getting pretty pee'd off at the whole sorry situation. After this call I checked the website, on another page that took me ages to find, after clicking my way round the site again, also at the very bottom of the page it gives the full details on what you need, on a drop down menu. How do they expect you to find this, especially people who are not very well net literate. Im quite good at finding and checking stuff, but even I had difficulty finding it. My machine is a year out of date. Many are older, so what happens to those people who want to watch demand, oh yeah they would have to pay to get a newer model, Nice one sky My machine is 4 years old, the machine I tried it on to check was 2 years old. A year ago they started making sky boxes with wifi built in. Can you see the irony here??? They advertise this mini box for people who received a skybox 2 years ago, before that you need another mini box or a different set of connectors. So sky, just dont worry about those who have a sky box that is over 2 years old, dont tell them you need a mini box that isnt advertised very well on your website if at all. You just let them waste their time and money on something that will not work and get frustrated, ordered a new one only for the same thing to happen again, or even worse have an engineer out and be told its not compatable for the meager sum of £60 and still be no further forward. They seem to forget those who have been customers for more than 2 years. As for a free box, well I used on demand 4 years ago when it first came out, I happened to move very shortly afterwards, which many people do and could not connect to my router so didnt use it, however because I had onced registered and watched it 4 years ago I wasnt entitled to a free mini box. So, Thank you sky, you have just lost another customer! Not that I think they would care much Thanks for reading my lovelies and if you do buy a mini box you have now been educated on the pros and that 'c' word that I cant use in here. Not the rude 'c' word mind Hello to all my friends in here Im still about somewhere on the net keeping very busy
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