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  1. I have proof that I made a payment of £115 to Wescot in April 2009 in the form of a bank statement but that's it. So not really.
  2. This week I received a letter from Debt Managers Ltd at my dads house saying the following: Dear Miss XXXX XXXXXX Our ref: Re: Miss XXXX XXXXXX We are attempting to contact the above named person and our client's recent investigations have resulted in your details being obtained from a credit reference agency. Your address has been provided by them due to a link with the data our client holds, as a possible new address for the person we are wishing to contact. To verify that you are the person we are wishing to contact, or if you believe you are not the subject, please c
  3. I joined the CAG forums a while ago but at the time things were pretty rough for me, so now things are a little better I have decided to say hi, and start the ball rolling to try and get our ban charges back from the Halifax. My husband was diagnosed with schizophrenia around october 2005, and as a result our income fluctuated. I wasn't working already due to my own health problems, when he had to have time off it really hit us where it hurt, the bank account. Halifax keeps charging us, and even though we have been into the bank numerous times to talk to the manager, we
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