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  1. I have just found your thread Dotcom and am saddened and disgusted by your story as you seem to be making every effort to cooperate with these vile people! I'm in a very similar situation to you, the difference being that Acenden have started repossession proceedings and I am fighting them. What I have learned from reading similar stories about SPML/Capstone/Acenden is that the loan is designed to set the borrower up to fail, allowing the lender to ultimately repossess your home. I suspect that yours is a classic case of mis-selling, as is mine. You can expect the FOS to take quite a while to review your case, and in the meantime Acenden MAY move to litigation in which case you would come across a whole raft of new fees!! The only thing I can suggest at this point is to write to Acenden again informing them that should they move to litigation then you will immediately request a suspended possession order as the FOS are investigating a complaint made to them regarding your account. You could also review the criteria for mis-selling and make an additional complaint to the FOS if you feel that the loan was mis-sold. Add this information to your letter to Acenden, should you decide to start a complaint for mis-selling. P x x
  2. Could a Mod please change the title of this thread to Paintball vs Magic Loans Ltd? Thanks An update on my claim: As Magic Loans went into administration on October 2008, I have passed my complaint on to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). It'll take a few weeks/months to sort. P x
  3. I received my PPI refund on this matter. Could a Mod please change the thread title to *WON*? Thanks
  4. Hah, I'm an experienced battler/CAGGER with numerous successes against my bank and credit card companies over the years, so legwork and long-haul don't bother me at all. We can certainly help each other out P x
  5. Yes please ... I'm in the process of dealing with my mortgage company (MAS) and with Acenden (Capstone/SPML) and am seriously considering making a claim against Acenden for mis-selling of the secured loan/mortgage. I'm trying to find as much info on here to build up my claim and also see if anyone else has taken a mortgage mis-selling claim to court. Thanks P x
  6. Hi Andrew It's May now and I was wondering where you're up to with this shoddy company. Hope all worked out well but an update would be very helpful for me personally as I'm dealing with a similar situation. P x
  7. Hello fellow CAGGERS and PPI reclaimers Yesterday, I resurrected this claim following a discussion about pre-populated tick boxes that remove our choice in deciding whether to have PPI or not, when taking out a policy online. This was for a house insurance policy worth a tiny amount. I have sent a request for payment letter giving the company 14 days to respond. I will keep you updated on progress. Painty
  8. Hello fellow CAGGERS and PPI reclaimers An update on my PPI claim for a loan taken out with London Mortgage Co in late September 2006. I have finally resurrected this claim after speaking with the FOS this week. The loan was brokered by Magic Loans, who I corresponded with regarding the mis-selling up until December 2008. FOS say the broker is responsible for the mis-selling, therefore the complaint is directed at them. Yesterday, I sent Magic Loans a request for payment letter, they have 14 days to respond. I will keep you all posted. Painty
  9. I just voted too Now I wonder if Goldlady would like to share accom so we can both come to this do ...
  10. Oh dear, I missed it this year ... shame!!!
  11. Haha, Clemma. That reminds me of the old joke: Did you hear the one about the clam who went to the seafood disco? He pulled a mussel ... :p:p How is you BTW?
  12. Yup! Bloomin' awful pet. See you inside ... I'm the dark haired one if you recall :p:-D
  13. Oh yes, Clemma, I know it well. This is the view from the back of the pub, next to the riverside. Are we meeting inside or outside?
  14. Haha, of course Are we still meeting in the Wetherspoon's Pub Clemma? Remind me which one that is on the Quayside ...
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