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  1. Hi, how long did your PPI claim take? I've just started on them and wondered if they were quick or not?
  2. These people are the worst to deal with. Been trying to get the deeds released so I can finish the sale but they're not playing ball! Now they want to repossess again. Who can I complain to?
  3. Capstone said the other day that I was 32 months in arrears! They've divided £12000 by my monthly payment to get that figure. I've had the mortgage for 52 months, and I know I've made more than 20 payments! And about £4000 is fees, charges and interest! Does anyone know if SPML are trading while insolvent?
  4. I have asked Capstone many times to capitalise my arrears but they always say it's not possible. It appears on their charges sheet though.
  5. Apparently judges hate these fees being added on.
  6. Well,had on offer of£125k for the house, mortgage balance is £126,500 plus agents fee of £3k. Anyone know if SPML/Capstone might do a deal on the mortgage of£120k? The original mortgage was £114k, their fees and charges and arrears have put it up to the above amount. I'm desperate to get shot of this lot and rent for a while.
  7. Got to go back to court on Dec 7th. Capstone solicitor says they were not informed of new hearing. Has anyone got any more info on the current trading status of SPML/Capstone? I sent them a letter a month or more back and have had no reply at all! Furthermore, not sure if I like the way this site is now set out, find it harder to look around.
  8. Hello all, well eviction was suspended, got to carry on paying £50 per month extra. The SPML solicitor didn't show up, so I was in and out in about 2 mins! My sister said I should send Capstone a bill for stress caused etc.
  9. In court tomorrow at 10. Solicitor very positive that we can get this overturned, been through income/expenditure and can offer £100 off the arrears every month. Going to mention the fact that I was on anti depressants for a while in June owing to everything going wrong, but now have steady income and wife is working and has an interview on Thurs. Must work in my favour!
  10. Been sent an eviction notice for 18th August at 2 pm. have spoken to a specialist who will provide legal representation etc. Costs a bit but hopefully will be worth it.
  11. Sounds interesting.....might call them tomorrow and bug them about it again.
  12. Has anyone tried to make weekly standing order payments to Capstone? I want to go down this route but they say no. Surely if they're getting their money I don't see what the problem is?
  13. I complained to FOS about the charges and they passed it on to Capstone and they responded by sending a complete statement from when I took out the mortgage. No breakdown of costs of course. The FOS said they would take no further action unless I complained again.So I'm going to. They seem fairly toothless. Anyone got any more info on Capstone/SPML and insolvency?
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