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  1. I have a ground rent dispute that has now been passed to solicitors, I jumped through their hoops and immediately sent bk the filled out forms saying why i dispute the debt and that was 2 months ago. is it the case where us mere mortals are given time constraints to abide by from solicitors just have to wait for their replies as long as it takes all the while adding interest?? or are we allowed after a certain point to tell them they had their chance to reply and and as they havnt we consider the matter closed??
  2. iv just been issued a pcn for being on a double yellow line outside my house and the date is wrong. today is the 22nd the date on the ticket is the 21st
  3. yes ok i boobed. it was parked outside my flat on the road at the alleged time. i wasnt going to tax a car that i was going to scrap imminently. i was just trying to see if i could get out of it. who wouldn't? iv just got bk from ship today (im in the navy) and found an earlier for failing to tax asking for $80 reduced to $40 if paid by the 27th (tommorow) but the telephone lines arnt open on a saturday!! is there no way to pay online?! you can buy a tax disc online.
  4. iv scince sold the car for scrap. well i just gave matey the v5 and he gave me the money. im not supposed to have done anything else am i??
  5. recieved this letter from DVLA alleging my car was parked on the road untaxed. the letter states i have to pay eighty pounds. i never recieved a ticket or saw one on my car. they havnt sent me any proof that my car was even there or any pics. should they not have to prove this?? where did the offence report come from??
  6. thanks, i have since found this... does it apply? taken from the citizens advice bureau website... Getting your money back If you have already paid for the goods or services, whether in full or with a deposit, the law says the trader must refund all your money within 30 days of you cancelling the agreement. The refund should include any delivery charges you paid. However, you may be responsible for the cost of returning any items to the seller. If this was in your terms and conditions, you will have to pay to return the items. The seller can deduct this cost from the amount they repay you.
  7. i bought some rather large disco speakers from an online store and half way through the first use they packed in, but since have started working again. As i gig frequently this kind of reliability i can not afford so i contacted the store and explained i would like to return them under the distance selling regulations and the store apologised, agreed and arranged a courier to collect them. since they have been collected over a week ago though i havnt heard anything from the store and neither has my bank account been re-credited. is there a time frame in which they have to reply with either a reason to not give me a refund and then send the product back or issue me a refund?? regards, G
  8. here is the road island in question. http://yfrog.com/5kroadislandj it was night and when i pulled over and started to inspect the damage a guy came out of one of the houses you can see, i asked him if many people hit it and he told me i was the 4th person this week. I had to call the RAC and the resulting damage was a buckled wheel and a bent strut. the upshot is had the load island had a marker on it i would have seen it.
  9. for the damage done to my car?? the council?? the highways agency?? i went back a few eeks later and a marker had been erected above it, do i have a case?
  10. Thanks for everyones comments. with regards to obstructing the bays, it is pretty eassy to get out, often park there and have no problems getting out even when there are cars parked opposite
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