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  1. Thanks very much for the help on this. Its a bit nerve wracking but I think I may take a day off and go down there. I am just frustrated as I want to pay what was initially set up but they do not seem to be allowing this.
  2. I have a bit of a worry with my council tax. I rent my house (from my father) and had thought he was paying the council tax. Upon speaking to him he told me that he needed me to pay as my name was still on there from last year. I sent a payment off to the council for May, however due to my father not telling me till the end of april I sent it in via E-banking at the start of June. "That should keep them happy" I thought. Well apparently I was wrong. About a week later I got a court summons dated 7th of June from the council saying that I had to pay the whole lot, plus £3 court fee's, plus £50 "Council Charge", and that if I do not pay the lot and it goes to court then they will charge me an extra £35. Noticing that it did not include my payment made at the start of June I phoned them and they confirmed that they had received it but that it had been received on the day that they had sent out the summons so it had been received too late. I advised the woman that I did intend to pay this off and advised her of all the details of what had caused this problem, however she simply told me that I had to pay it all by the end of this month or it would go to court and I would then have to pay off 3 monthly payments of £250 (approx) a month for the next 3 months to pay off all of the bill. I told her that there was no way I could do this. She advised me that the only way around this was to fill in what basically amounts to a glorified expenses form telling the council how much I spend on everything a month and giving them my job's details so that they could confirm how much I earned. I am not happy with this form and was wondering if there is any way around having to fill this in but still being able to pay them normal monthly fee's. Also I was wondering if this would mean I would have a CCJ to my name and if there was anyway of clearing this. I also wondered if I could request a break down of the charge from the council, and if upon not receiving a satisfactory answer, if I could take THEM to court much the same way as people do with the banks for their charges? Any ideas or help would be magic! Thanks Dan
  3. Thought I'd float through and say congrats. I was keeping my eye on this one
  4. I've heard of a few accounts being closed but this definately looks a weird one.
  5. Well the cash went in and I'm waiting for it to hit my card so I can donate to the site cheers again for the help
  6. signed bit of paper faxed over and they say it can take a week to get the cash through. I'll keep you guys updated.
  7. Yes I did email it in. Basically I reliased things were going a bit slow them so I phoned and hurried it along a bit. Its worth trying.
  8. Well I have shown people at work and will be getting them to sign up.
  9. Thanks very much guys, especially for the support through out this. You will do. I had to phone up to rush mine along a bit I think.
  10. Today after no real battle I got a full offer for my cash. I am bouncing off the walls and I know this cash is mine. Get yours, all of it. After all if you were 300 quid over your over draft they'd stick it to you, so why not do it the other way round?
  11. Will everyone who got a letter with an offer for £3123.93 from DG Solicitors today please put their hands up. *hand up* Well I guess my ship has finally come in! Jesus this feels 10 times better than I thought it would, but sadly I have to silently celebrate so as not to wake my house mate. I want to thank All of you but especially Un1boy for helping me get this. Once the moneys in the bank I will make a donation.
  12. Good luck gettin ya cash back
  13. I simply used the same ones that the bank did (normally "total charges" ) Just go on to the internet banking and find the subjects for them on there. I guess after this I can count out HSBC giving me my cash card back
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