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  1. Hi, Here's my story.I work as a self employed gardener,i invoiced the council about a month ago and put my new bank account details on the invoice.The council made the mistake of using the old details of my account from their data base.My old details are from HSBC business account that they closed on the 5 of october.I had a managed loan with HSBC,but they have put it with Metropolitan Collection Services.So basicly The council put my money into a so called closed account and metropolitan have just taken it without my permission.I am £650.00 down and gutted.Any help or advice please.I als
  2. Thanks Lateralus,i didnt know i had a reply.I have just been checking my email but your reply didnt come up.I will send the spreadsheet with my prelim letter by the weekend.I guess i just leave out the bit "what you have taken in overdraft interest".I am a self employed groundsman and trying to get time to do anything apart from work at the mo is hard.Thanks again lateralus.
  3. O.k,I have completed the simple calc spreadsheet,it is the microsoft works spreadsheet.Do i just delete the 8% interest for now?,and add that at a later date if it goes to the court?.My claim has come to £2,444.86 and the 8% interest comes to £500.43.The spreadsheet has a column with days since offence,so does that mean the 8% is calculated on a daily basis?.I hope i have used the right one
  4. Hi Pd,sorry bout the threads,but i think i need to start fresh.I have lost touch with all of this.I have my statements and if i remember correctly i add everything with a dr next to it?.Will it be o.k to use a simple spreadsheet?.I have already filled in a spreadsheet for contractual interest,but i have changed my mind and would rather go the easier way with my claim.To be honest i am finding it hard and numbers have never been my thing.I thought i could claim all the Total charges for a personal account,well that is what i was advised to do on my last visit.I would be grateful for any help.T
  5. Hi, i am trying to fill in my schedule of charges,but on my statements the DR interest could be anything from a few pence to fifty quid.Do i add them all to my shedule,i have been putting the word Interest into the charge description,is this correct?.Thank you
  6. O.k,i have just phoned up HSBC and they confirmed my business account is closed.I had a managed loan on the account,I am sure they have done a cock up.I hope i can use it as a reason not to pay back the loan.Any input?.
  7. I phoned HSBC last week to try and sort my account out,i had been hit with £100 worth of charges.They told me that my account had been closed.I did not get given any notice and was told to go to my local branch as they couldnt give me any info.I think they have made a mistake,because they phoned me up today and were asking for a payment for my managed loan.I said to the lady that i was told my account was closed,and she said that they wouldnt close an account with a managed loan(but they did).I have the date and time recorded.Does anyone think they have messed up here?.
  8. Hi Lateralus, I hope you are well.I have not made my first claim yet,this is on my business account btw.Basicly they have closed my account with no notice,due to me not paying my managed loan,because of all the charges taken me into D over the past week or so. Thanks Lateralus & Crusher
  9. Hi Loz i would of hoped for some notice,but no nothing.
  10. HSBC have piled up charges on my account by bouncing my managed loan payment.Even though i have told them when money would be put into my account,they would bounce it the day before.I phoned them up today and was told my account had been closed,i have had not been informed at all.No letters,nothing.I have just been told to go into my local branch,no information is being offered from telephone banking,so what the hell is it there for?.They can do what they like when they like.I am going to look into putting the managed loan on to a debt payment plan.Has anyone else had this happen or feel like
  11. I have just phoned up HSBC to see if we could sort something regards my loan repayment.They have piled up over a hundred pounds because of bouncing my loan payment,even though i told them when i would be putting in the money,they would bounce it the day before leaving not enough money again.Today when i phoned up i was told that my account is closed and i was not informed of this.They will not give me any info on why it has been closed,just told to go into my local branch.I think i will put my managed loan on a debt payment plan.Up yours hsbc
  12. Hi I was just wondering if HSBC would demand the repayment of managed loan,if you make a successful claim for standard charges against them.If they did i was considering to put it with a debt repayment company/plan.As to save giving them any money that you recieved for unfair charges back straight away?.
  13. Hi john,at least we got a stick to beat the banks with now . I intend on using both ends. Cheers
  14. john,i am claiming (Contractual Compound Interest).Not the standard 8%. Netty, i have already completed my spreadsheet,i am just looking for the preliminary letter for claiming charges back with the compound interest wording.But thanks anyway.
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