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  1. Hi all, I called BT in early January with regards to getting a line installed at home, keeping our current number. I ended the call saying I'd talk it over with the wife and ring them back if we decided to go ahead - we didn't. 20th Jan I get a text message from BT - said they'd been trying to get hold of me, had been unsuccessful, but my line would be activated on 21st. The line had been set up with a completely new number. After about 10 calls, the line was still active and they haven't yet cancelled the account - but I had received a bill and been informed I'd need to pay a canc
  2. mikefellows

    Me vs Egg

    Ok, am just about to start action against egg. My balance is currently £400 ish, I'm paying them £25 a week through a DCA (DLC). I've advised DLC to stop taking payment as I'm disputing this with Egg. I think they've probably taken about half the amount I owe in charges. My questions are...: 1. What letter do I use to reclaim credit card charges? I can only find bank charges templates. 2. I'd like to resolve the dispute and have my balance lowered before I continue to make payments. I accept that after this Egg may want the full amount, and I'm ready to pay that. How would I word
  3. Just spotted this on the BBC... is this your case? Fair play, and congratulations!
  4. Well, well, well... Went to the bank, was told someone could see me in ten minutes. Ten minutes passed... nothing... Fifteen minutes, was told another 5 minutes... 5 minutes, nothing... I ended up waiting 45 minutes in total! Anyway, that seemed to work in my favour, and the guy said that although he wasn't meant to, because I'd been waiting so long on this occasion he would cancel BOTH pending charges! He did advise though that in future, I should try and take them to court for the rest. Love it... cheers guys!
  5. Cheers guys, will keep you posted. Popping into the bank at lunchtime to see what they have to say!
  6. Hi all, I successfully claimed back about £1700 last year. Have just sent a prelim to claim back about another £150, just wondered if Halifax are in the habit of closing accounts after a second claim? I'm gonna pop into my bank and plead with them not to apply 2 more charges they've written to me about this week - my wife's due to have a baby any day, and their £78 in charges couldn't have come at a worse time - not to mention the extra charge they'll slap on for going more than £30 overdrawn! Thanks in advance, Mike
  7. Would appreciate some advice on this one, DLC have been in touch after taking over my egg account. I owe just over £1000. I called them up (fool!) to make an arrangement and they bullied me into paying £108 a month! Obviously if I could afford this I'd never have defaulted in the first place. I'm only working as a temp, my wife is on maternity leave (due in 4 weeks), and we have a 2 year old. I'm now paying them £27 a week, just wondered if there was anything I could do? Thanks Mike
  8. Cheers for the info, and sorry to hijack your post Emma. Incidentally though... I've already cleared well over a thousand with them, and only really get the occasional phonecall to reconfirm my circumstances and ability to pay. I like to think that Lowell and I have an understanding, they don't bother me, and I don't bother them. Yet in reality, dannyboy, I think you're probably right! I'm certain though that I'm clearing them one at a time. I requested that in writing when the s**t hit the fan a couple of years ago, and a couple of months ago I added Capital One to this arrangement.
  9. I dunno... they can be quite reasonable. I'm paying £25 a month on an £8,000 debt - and I never hear from them!!! I guess they just love my loyalty... I'll be paying them for 26 years! This debt is made up of a couple of Hire Purchase debts and an egg credit card. I'm paying the debts off one at a time. If one of these takes more than 6 years to pay off, do the others become statute barred?
  10. Hi all, Been receiving texts on my phone for a couple of weeks saying 'please call us about your account'. Managed to discover that they're coming from Byrom & Keeley. I know that they offer debt management services, but I've never taken one of these out with them - do they also act as a DCA? I responded to the text with 'I don't know who you are. I don't acknowledge any account with you. Please contact me in writing should you wish to discuss further', but they've since sent me another message, but haven't received anything in the post. Are they anyone I should worry about? I was in a b
  11. Even so, correct me if I'm wrong, but surely just changing the system date/time on the PC would produce these results also? Screen dumps are far too easy to fabricate - I don't think they'd stand up in court - and if it gets that far, take a laptop in as evidence (if they'll let you) and change the system time while you're there with a couple of screen dumps too ;-)
  12. Ok, just printed off the SAR ready to send tomorrow. They've been hassling her for a while now, but fairly sure a lot of what she owes is made up of charges. Just wondering, what are Cap 1 like for paying up? I took the Halifax on and all went pretty smoothly and pretty quickly, and am curious as to whether I should expect the same here? Thanks in advance Mike
  13. Hope they don't just offer me half of what I'm claiming. It'd be less than £20!
  14. A couple of months after receiving back all my charges, I've found myself with another one, for £39. I called the telephone banking people, they said I couldn't have it back. I went into my branch, they said I couldn't have it back. So, here I am again, writing another prelim... I'm guessing this time they'll close my account, but I don't care. Will keep you posted!
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