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  1. No I didn't ask him if it was working, but he didn't give or have any information on it other than his description which was poor. Do I have a chance to claim in your opinion ?
  2. I must note that I called and asked for details, and they would not supply any.......
  3. Was an auction house called "James auctioneers". who have there own set of T&C's as follows : CLEARANCE TERMS AND ARRANGEMENTS All lots must be removed by 15th of October 2012, 5pm. No further access will be available after this time. The premises will be open from 09:00 to 16:00. Please see specific lots descriptions for clearance arrangements. PLEASE NOTE: We must remind potential purchasers of the terms and conditions relating to the sale and that it is their responsibility to check the suitability or otherwise of lots for the purpose for which they are required. Likewise, parties should satisfy themselves as the functionality and condition of lots. The opportunity to do so is provided on the view day and NO allowance or refunds will be made in the event that purchasers subsequently discover that the goods are not suitable for their needs or the functionality/condition is not as expected or anticipated. Potential purchasers who choose not to inspect lots prior to bidding on them do so at their own risk. REFUNDS: IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL REFUNDS BE CONSIDERED IF THE GOODS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE SALE SITE. Any refunds given will only be on items listed as tested and working and would be as a gesture of goodwill rather than acceptance of liability for any faults or defects with lots purchased. We accept no liability for any losses suffered as a consequence of any lots being faulty or defective. Delivery Terms: On all lot items that describe” free delivery” , this item will be sent to the buyers/bidders address as invoiced and the item will be endeavoured to be delivered within 7 working days, any possible extension to this time slot the buyer will be notified accordingly. Please email or call us for all other lots not assigned to free delivery for possible delivery if required, this is a strictly first come first serve basis and all buyers who assign payment sooner rather than later will receive priority in the time scale of delivery. All buyers/Bidders are invited to contact us PRIOR to bidding to calculate costs/delivery allocation.
  4. Isn't such an obvious thing to expect it to work ? if you buy a TV or mobile phone via an auction (ebay) it must state its faulty, or you assume it works ? This was a distance sale, as the auction was taking place 150 miles away, i called and no information about the watch was provided. To repair would probably cost more than its worth....hense my problem. Does SOGA really offer no assistance ?
  5. I'm going to go to small claims and base it on: Sale of Goods Act 1979 makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described of satisfactory quality. Is that the best tact ?
  6. Hi, description as follows: "Lot 19 Removed from Private quarters of hotel owners residence following closure is this Breitling watch. Does not come with paperwork so is being sold as NON genuine item. Please bid accordingly" Paid by BACS transfer directly to Auction house, £757
  7. Thought I would point out that it was a Breitling watch, so the value is £757
  8. Hi, Can anyone help with this ? Purchased a watch of an online auction (bidspotter) it had very little information on the description. Anyway, cut the story short I won the bid it arrived and it is not working eg faulty. I have obviously complained, and was duly told read our t&c's NO REFUND. Surely my statutory rights apply, as they did not state it was in a faulty condition ? The Sale of Goods Act 1979 makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.
  9. Hi, sorry not logged in for a while, Not sure goods and services act will help, as they are not providing a "service". I went down the road of "breach of contract" kitchen was not delivered within a reasonable time, and you have incurred substantial cost's. A little threat of "small claims" did me no harm...... Read all the T&C's you have with the original reciept, and throw it back at em... If you require the person's name I spoke to, it's no problem, just send me a mesage.
  10. Hi, A little help required, A firm has contacted me about a debt a was un-aware of having from 02 dating back two years. My query is they want the money but have not given any detail as to what they are for, I hve conacted 02 and it looks as though there are unpaid debt but I dont agree with the amount:sad: Any ideas ???:-|
  11. Hey !!! I must be getting good at this8-) , they have offered £350 to cover the cost's I have incurred. I accepted as an interim payment, and they where fine with that..... So I'm well on the way to getting it all back..... Woo Hoo.....
  12. Cheers for the info Rosie & Isiris, I have sent a watered down letter, and we will see !!!! Keep ya posted...
  13. Hmmm, tricky, There is nothing bold or underlined, I just did that to highlight the points. Though the wording does suggest a condition. Is it worth discuusing goods & service act 1982 section 15 (i think) delivery of product ??
  14. Hi [email protected], They are a bunch of tossers !!! The best thing she can do is get on to her branch and as long as it doesn't happen to often, as a "gesture of good will" I would expect them to return it. But don't mention "penelty charges" and claiming through small claims, they get a little ratty then..... Good luck
  15. Hi Trish, Yeah the interest thing is very confusing, I didn't bother as my charges where very substantial anyway. Keep up the good work, any help I can offer give us a shout
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