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  1. Hello , I'm really sorry to hear you've fallen victim to this crook! I agree with HB's comments above @BankFodder is the best person. We bought a car from him June 2022. The car wasn't even road worthy amongst countless other serious problems. Lancasire Police were a complete waste of time, despite him being well known to them they weren't interested and said it was a civil matter. It cost us so much more money to go through the civil court and Get a court order but he's been taken to court so many times he couldn't care less. Long story short it took me a year to get my money back (and I live minutes away) we tried everything. I eventually took to social media, my posts are copied in the thread somewhere on CAG he's been done for fraud and theft if you Google him. I got my money back eventually but only after plastering him all over social media.
  2. Just post on Facebook, with his name and photo. Share it on Lancashire car buying sites. In sure he will get wind of it . So long as its facts and the truth you can Share it everywhere and ask people to share it.
  3. Owner of the PORSCHE NOT BMW sorry It took us 10 months of being totally taken the pi*s out of fueled my fire to stop it.
  4. Unit D is exactly where you are looking you are right it's behind the large bungalow. With regard to the BMW that is the owner of the property and who has been in partnership with Andy Long for a long time. The registration of the car is his name or at least the name tye partner goes by and is known by
  5. I would do anything I can to stop him from being able to do this to any more people and to put a stop to him trading all together. I know there are people on CAG who are still chasing him for their money I'm sure would appreciate the opportunity to shout louder for help, I also know quite a lot personally with living in the same area who would also be keen.
  6. Absolutely I wasn't aware that you had a Facebook I would have tagged you in it immediately. If you are able to put it on your page I am all for it if you need me to do anything I am only too happy to oblige
  7. Hopefully you can see these files? I will do it another way if not please advise Claimform+judgement+facebook page.pdf
  8. I did only after he transferred £1000 of the £3000 he owed us on the understanding that he would pay the balance within 2 weeks of that date. He was warned if he let's me down the post goes back on. I had to post it 3 times in total as it took 3 months to get the whole £3000 back but I got it back from him and after months of being ignored by him and endless searching for him, having gone through the civil court and having a judgement against him it really seemed all was lost. We were ecstatic when within the hour of the post on Facebook we had him contacting us desperately to remove the post in exchange for our money. Best thing about it though my post was shared endlessly far and wide including on all Lancashire car buying and selling pages and although I removed the post it's still available once its been shared its too late. More importantly it took all the control from him and totally empowered us. He begged and pleaded with us
  9. Why is he still trading? He's been done by trading standards, he's a convicted fraudster, he's been done for theft and by Trading Standards! He's been reported recently to trading standards by ourselves and has got himself a place on the national register with Trading Standards. He is well known to The Lancashire police however they are an absolute waste of time and did nothing whatsoever to help us. We finally got our money back Inc court costs after chasing him for almost a year and being completely ghosted by the bloke. My best advice to anyone in our position is put him on social media. I put it on Facebook Inc photos of him from Google and within the hour he contacted me offering to pay me if u took the post down ! oh no Andy, pay up and I will remove the post..... result
  10. UPDATE, Sincere apologies, I now have the been given the ability to private message, thank you. please advise how members can share sensitive information with each other and to assist each other on consumer action group which is invaluable to me and countless people who have been defrauded by the same person. If I was to make the information public for all to see I would be breaking the rules. If we can't communicate privately using CAG please advise how people can help each other and stop this happening to others
  11. Me too. I don't mind posting my email also as I have tried to contact others in the same boat but I can't find any contact info for them xxxxxxx It's the only way to get him.is to stick together in my opinion
  12. Absolutely unbelievable.. how is this man still trading? Is it possible to message me please
  13. Hi all major update Andy Long has been trading from the same site yes it's unit D Haslingden old road BB5 3RG he's using the name John Stephenson! He has sold vehicles in this name and is asking for cash only. He isn't listed on companies House. He's banned from advertising on auto trader and other websites. He has been reported by so many people who have fallen victim to him and his ridiculous business Time and again yet he is still trading??? He's been done for fraud in 2018. I'm at a loss to understand how he is still able to do it. He is a criminal and putting lives at risk by selling cars with dodgy MOTs and are not road worthy
  14. I'm sorry I don't know why my last post isn't working but the address of the claim form is Andy Long T/A GA Motors, Unit D Old Road. Oswaldtwistle. Accrington. BB5 3RG. https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&client=ms-android-samsung-rev2&source=android-browser&q=ga+motors
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