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  1. Andy Long GA Motors, was sold faulty car and he stopped replying.
    Andy Long GA Motors, was sold faulty car and he stopped replying.

    Good evening everyone, 

    Let me preface this post by saying I deeply wish I could have seen this forum before purchasing the car that I did, but unfortunately that was not the case. 

    I purchased a car from Andrew/Andy Long of GA Motors, Unit D, Haslingden old road, Blackburn on the 18th of December and the car was delivered to me on the 21st as it needed a new MOT (which might have been done at a known one to the dealer). He told me he would give me a 6 month warranty on it that never arrived. 

    The car is a Citroen DS3, White, 1.6L Petrol, from 2014. I left a 200 GBP deposit and then paid the rest (3600) via bank transfer when receiving the car (it was delivered by one of his guys. He drove it to where I live). Service history seemed fine on it and I did a comprehensive check when I found the advert and decided on it. 

    Shortly after purchasing the car the engine light came on and lasted for a few days and then went away. I took it to an independent garage and it came up with a leaking turbo and several other issues, totalling around 1000 GBP to fix. 

    I have been trying to contact him since but to no avail. I got in contact with citizens advice and they told me to draft an official letter stating that I want the car returned and a full refund effective immediately. My only fear is that after reading the previous posts I won't be able to deliver it to the right address, whichever that might be. 

    Any further advice would be appreciated!

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