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  1. Ok dx, thanks for your help once again. I will see if they respond to my email request and if not I will try ringing them again.
  2. Think account was actually moved to recovery team in 2008, but only sent statements from January 2011. No sign of cca in sar report either
  3. Can wait to see if hear anything else from email I've sent. But if reply is same what's my next move
  4. Rang RBS, bit vague but said statements were only kept for certain period and what they've sent is probably all they have. Sar request details were done online and sent by email. I have replied via email but not had a reply as of yet
  5. Have requested earlier statements, looks like account originally opened approx 2002
  6. The only other thing on any of the statements is a ppi refund paid off balance in 2012 for premiums paid between 2002 and 2005
  7. Not sure probably around 2006-8. 1st statement they've sent is Jan 2011 and just say balance brought forward from previous statement. Only appear to have sent statements after going on payment plan
  8. Been through all statements. They appear to start from when I had defaulted and they just show my monthly payment, no Interest, no charges.
  9. Recieved response from sar. Statements from January 2011 to April 2021, all showing monthly payment made and adjusted balance
  10. RBS mint cc now managed by aic international. Sar response is statements from January 2011 to present. All statements are showing balance and monthly agreed repayment. Please advise on next action
  11. Sorry just realised return address is address in top right corner. So can confirm that it is Lloyds bank
  12. No return address, just statements, but also had cc and od with Lloyds and as of yet no returns regarding them
  13. Not 100% sure received 4 separate letters today each containing statements for personal loans all on Lloyds letterheads with the final loan statement the one held by Cabot. No cover notes with any letter just statements
  14. Lloyds loan managed by Cabot. Sent sar to llyods and cca to Cabot. Cabot replied getting in touch with oc and would forward any information. Today received loan statements on Lloyds letterheads detailing opening balance of loan, interest rate and term of agreement and a final balance which says referred to Lloyds bank recoveries. Is this a cca agreement. There was no accompanying cover note just the statements.
  15. Juandy

    Egg loans nco Europe

    Sorry to repeat ,wasn't sure if same applies to all creditors. So to all cca requests sent. If no original cca sent within 12+2. Stop payments and await for responses.
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