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  1. What then, just sit it out until they respond
  2. Citizens advice, left is struggling for years. Should I respond to them or just cancel payments to them
  3. So same as last one stop standing order. And wait for response. Is that what I should now do
  4. CCA request sent to pra Group Replied Sent b/c statements 2008-2010, copy of historic budget info & new blank budget calc. Letter says acc is currently live with cra's and hasn't defaulted and if contractual payments of £6/mth aren't met acc may be defaulted with the cra's. No sign of cca agreement
  5. Sounds good, fingers crossed, had a grey from pra Group, should I start this in a new topic
  6. Bit worried about this but here goes nothing, let's see what happens. I shall cancel payments tonight when I finish work
  7. Thanks again for your advice, I will cancel standing order and update this topic when I have any response
  8. Next payment due in a couple of weeks, so shall I cancel that payment and await their response
  9. The gf cc balance Is approx £5.5k but our total debts are over £75k. And no we haven't changed address
  10. Thanks for your help, all a bit scary. I'm a bit of a worrier. I will cancel my standing order and hope for the best
  11. Paying monthly payments to hoist for goldfish cc. Gf cc took out 2006, gf account defaulted 2009. Transferred a couple of time since then
  12. Because I'm currently on a payment plan should I continue to make monthly payments until they say they cannot find documents and that the debt is unenforceable
  13. Requested cca from hoist. Received letter saying they have asked for a copy of the agreement and that my account has been put on hold temporarily. And they will contact me when they receive documentation. Should I stop payments now
  14. That was the only thing out of the 500page sar report that mentioned anything to do with cca
  15. Application form application 2003.pdf
  16. Will upload tomorrow, got to check how W to do it properly
  17. Looked through papers sent and cannot find any terms and conditions, just the original application form
  18. By terms and conditions do you mean credit limit and interest rates etc
  19. I'll look through forms, have you a sample of what I'm looking for
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