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  1. I've checked and am pretty sure app form is the same as the one I previously uploaded in this thread. There is then print saying credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974. Agreement between myself and cap one and then 24 different t&c's listed
  2. The bottom of application form has a bit at bottom which says cca agreement which is signed but rest is just terms and conditions which appears basic apart from my name and address being included at the beginning
  3. Recieved documents back from lowell. Returned signed application form and t&c which states agreement between myself and cap one. Letter from lowell says account on hold for 30days to review the information. What should Bey response
  4. Intrum passing account on to resolvecall and arranging home visit Any advice
  5. Thanks ,will send CCA to lowell and see their response
  6. Cause they've only just sold the debt wont cap one just give them the cca
  7. Should I do this straight away as change of ownership of debt was 07/10/2021. I shall cancel my cap one s/o now, but should I make any payments to lowell in the meantime
  8. Hi, I have had a capital one cc debt which I have been paying for the past 12years + on a payment plan with capital one. As the debt was still with the oc, I have not proceeded with cca requests as advised. However today I received a letter from cap one saying that the debt has been sold to lowell. The letter says to cancel any s/o with cap one and set up new with lowell. Any advice on what I should do now please.
  9. I'll stop payments and see what happens, fingers crossed. Was gonna still pay this one as you'd told me that moorcroft didn't buy debts, but appears that barclaycard cannot fulfill my request. Thanks again
  10. Got old egg cc account (managed by moorcroft). As the debt has not been sold we have continued monthly payments. Received a letter from barclaycard stating that they cannot provide the cca and therefore they are unable to enforce. Even though they are the original creditor should we stop payments now until they produce it
  11. So is it safe to ignore this one for now
  12. Sent cca requests, waited 12days for response, stopped payments to dca's. Some have came back as unenforceable, few left to hear from. Trying to get details from oc . This was response from intrum regarding Tesco cc debt
  13. Received cca response from intrum, see attached, also enclosed photocopy of basic Tesco personal finance leaflet, notice of variation. Intrum account put on hold for 14days . Please advise tescoappform.pdf
  14. Apart from the application all else was attached was the letter from Barclays. And a copy of credit agreement enclosed agreement details.pdf
  15. Received response from hoist saying find enclosed copy of credit agreement and terms and conditions. Downloaded. Also copy of letter to hoist from Barclaycard to hoist saying" historic terms and conditions are attached. We are unable to provide the varied terms and conditions. applicationformgf.pdf
  16. Thanks for your reply. So dont answer any calls or reply to any mail. Getting lots of calls and messages from Cabot but at minute only asking about missed payments and setting up new plans
  17. Hi, have sent all dca's cca requests. The majority have replied that either they haven't been able to speak to oc. Or they are awaiting to hear from oc. Stopped all payments for nearly two months now. I have currently blocked phone calls from dca's and am ignoring letters asking for new plans to be set up. Am I doing the right thing or should I be responding to the dca's in any way. Many thanks for your help
  18. Sorry, your advice is invaluable, so basically with all the dcas I have ceased payments to just wait with a response from them
  19. Didn't realise at the time. Cover letter with financial statements were probably signed. Initially dealt with citizen advice ,they had standard template letters which were possibly also signed. Is this serious bad news.
  20. As regarding sig. They probably already have them from previous correspondence. Is that a major problem
  21. Cheers for reply, reassures me. Fingers crossed, let's see what happens
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