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  1. What then, just sit it out until they respond
  2. Citizens advice, left is struggling for years. Should I respond to them or just cancel payments to them
  3. So same as last one stop standing order. And wait for response. Is that what I should now do
  4. CCA request sent to pra Group Replied Sent b/c statements 2008-2010, copy of historic budget info & new blank budget calc. Letter says acc is currently live with cra's and hasn't defaulted and if contractual payments of £6/mth aren't met acc may be defaulted with the cra's. No sign of cca agreement
  5. Sounds good, fingers crossed, had a grey from pra Group, should I start this in a new topic
  6. Bit worried about this but here goes nothing, let's see what happens. I shall cancel payments tonight when I finish work
  7. Thanks again for your advice, I will cancel standing order and update this topic when I have any response
  8. Next payment due in a couple of weeks, so shall I cancel that payment and await their response
  9. The gf cc balance Is approx £5.5k but our total debts are over £75k. And no we haven't changed address
  10. Thanks for your help, all a bit scary. I'm a bit of a worrier. I will cancel my standing order and hope for the best
  11. Paying monthly payments to hoist for goldfish cc. Gf cc took out 2006, gf account defaulted 2009. Transferred a couple of time since then
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