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  1. They didn’t ask for any information or proof from me. I just said I’m going to be honest from the start and that I moved in with my partner in 2016. Then for the next few months I got letters with how much I owed etc. Each time I rang and rearranged to pay.
  2. Honestly please don’t stress! It was months ago my call was and it’s all sorted. I pay £200 a month back and nothing came about it!
  3. Tbh I would try and be as nice as possible. That’s what Iv done. I hate that the phone calls are recording that incase I lie or are rude they will use it in the figure for evidence.
  4. She just said that they are sorting out my claim because I didn’t renewal and that to do that she has to take details about my single claim, and then I just blurted out that I want to be honest from the start and I made a huge mistake. She was lovely. Everyone Iv spoken to has been tbh.
  5. I told them I moved in In 2016. I thought it would be best to be honest. I couldn’t deal with the anxiety worrying they would find out (which they will, they aren’t stupid and can see everything once they start looking!)
  6. I very much doubt they will want the full 40k. Mine is just child tax not working tax too. they will just try to arrange a payment plan xx
  7. Honestly, mines around 4 years and I owe roughly 25k. I think we were entitled to something at the start. partner will have to pay it out of his tax. We have to decide if it’s worth me carrying on claiming it. But if we don’t I will literally have no money of my own. I’m selling things/online phone chat lol to pay the £200 a month atm. It’s stressful. the woman has been lovely though. she rang last week and caught me off guard. It took about 90 mins to sort it all out. They try and get it paid within 10 years. She didn’t ask for any proof or anything. They won’t accept any less. If it goes over the 10 years then they will want income and expenses forms etc and I don’t want to do that
  8. Thought I’d update my situation. They have pulled out every year. I owe around £25k. Every time I sorted a payment plan I would get another letter with a different year on it. my partner ha also had a letter regarding child benefit and that he has to pay back the years he earnt over £50k which has been once. I pay back £200 a month. I really can’t afford it but they wouldn’t accept any less.
  9. I have an update on my situation...
  10. I rang on Tuesday and sorted a payment plan. I pay £60 a month for £12k.. I’m guessing they haven’t gone through the other years yet? It only seems to be 19/20, 20-21 and a debt from years ago like 2012 that has been added on to make the £12k. it says on the letter that this payment is for this debt and any future debts will need a new payment plan. Will they go back over the years soon?
  11. Has anyone heard anything yet? Iv not heard anything for a few weeks now.
  12. Not heard anything else yet. What about you? X
  13. Not yet, I’m going to wait a week to see if anymore letters come. I’m dreading how much they are going to want back
  14. Just what I owe for those dates too. I’m guessing I’m going to get a few from different dates lol
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