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  1. Has anyone heard anything yet? Iv not heard anything for a few weeks now.
  2. Not heard anything else yet. What about you? X
  3. Not yet, I’m going to wait a week to see if anymore letters come. I’m dreading how much they are going to want back
  4. Just what I owe for those dates too. I’m guessing I’m going to get a few from different dates lol
  5. Had a letter Today for 2020-2021 x
  6. I have tried doing what you asked, I’m unable to scan anything, and the files are too big! No need to be rude really is there?
  7. The worst they will do is ask you to pay it back surely x
  8. From 2016 What are you worried about? X
  9. I doubt it, they will Probably send more letters out from the other dates I would just be honest if I were you. There’s no point lying. Do you only claim tax credits?
  10. This is the letter Oh it won’t work lol
  11. I had a letter come today saying that I owe £8000 but for the dates 6/5/2019 to 6/5/2019 which makes no sense?
  12. No, I’m sure they will look back even further and il get more letter saying I owe more.
  13. Funny enough Iv just had a letter come through... saying I owe £8000 for the dates 8/05/2019-8/05/2019??
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