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  1. Just be honest with them and they will sort out any payments with you on a monthly basis. Don't make yourself ill stressing over this plz
  2. Just provide the years they was asking for, dont over think things. Honestly me and waffle dog was a mess you in the beginning of our tax credits investigation.
  3. Awwwww waffle dog 200 is steep isn't it. Surely if you can't afford it they must accept what you can afford Pickles2k just the dates they asked for is all I supplied
  4. No just the year stated from 2019 I had to phone them on Monday and arrange a payment plan. They was really good on the phone too xx
  5. No just the year stated from 2019
  6. I'm still waiting to hear bk what i owe
  7. No nothing yet, they must only be looking at those years then for you
  8. does it say any thing on the letter regarding getting intouch to make payments? Just tell them what you can afford to pay back monthly, hopefully something can be arranged
  9. How you rang them to sort out your payments?
  10. Waffledog can you inbox me?, I dont want to block you thread up
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