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  1. I received a letter regarding my income but thats all at the moment. They did say it could be a while because of the current situation etc Would worry to much, its been dealt with
  2. Hiya, I have messaged you
  3. Hi stresshead. Please do not stress, I got it sorted very quickly and easily, felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. The lady on the phone was absolutely lovely, im still waiting for the amount I owe but she stressed that I only pay what I can afford:)
  4. Hi Waffledog, please don't panic. I was completely sick about it. I was on the phone for 3 minutes if that. She didn't really ask anything because I told the truth from when I picked up the phone, thats my advice to you, just be honest xx
  5. Yes i will definitely let you know. I've now started getting organised for changing my name on everything and getting my debts in order. Kind of glad it happened in a way because its given me that kick up the bum and looking at things alot differently. This group has been fantastic and I thank you all for your input
  6. I really couldn't believe it to be honest I had worked myself up so much to the point of being sick. Couldnt of said enough not to worry, happens all the time and just expect a letter with the amount and take it from there.
  7. Ok so I've just came off the phone and wow I feel so much better. The lovely lady was so kind telling me not to worry, my current claim will just end , didnt require any other information from me and will receive a letter with what i owe. She said she doesnt want to add any stress and they would never do that, they want to support, i will have to pay back but only what I can afford. She advised to apply for universal credit as their office is now starting close. I want to thank you all so much for your advice and now I can try and get my shit together
  8. Thank you both. I will do and thanks for your input, slightly more calm this morning after speaking to you. I hope so
  9. Thank you for that. I have everything that I can ready for it. Yeh thats the amount that I am expecting if not more
  10. I defiantly cant see anything about saying "its under caution" well I hope I'm in that aswell and all I can do it pray that they listen. Its such a long time frame , I think thats whats really worrying me but i just hope they will listen.
  11. I intend on being really honest from start to finish. Im not looking for sympathy from them but maybe understand slightly. Im just a mum of 3 trying to hold it together. Im worried now if its under caution and I cant get my words out
  12. No its a check on my tax credits, well I think. Says on the letter at the top "were reviewing you tax credits" but then we have info about links to "mr" to your address? Between 11 and 12 she said
  13. Disclosing information to points used against me. Well i know what I did what extremely wrong, never intentional. I feel like this is now going down the prison route. Im all shaking now
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