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  1. They informed me that I would receive a letter when they’ve calculated what I owe. I received one letter but it said it wasn’t a finalised amount yet. So I’m just waiting for another letter to arrive so I can set up repayment
  2. How long would a SAR take? I don’t have much time with the interview being on Monday. I also don’t want to tell anymore lies as I am scared that they will then investigate further. If they do allow me to make repayments, will this go to a debt recovery company and have an even worse affect on my credit score?
  3. I have been living with my partner since 2013. But after the birth of our son in 2014 things became unstuck. We were living together but I was making plans to move out, even viewed properties etc and therefore began claiming CTC and WTC to ensure that I could afford to go it alone. Eventually we worked it out but it has been on and off for years. In addition to this, I was in a lot of debt, had lost my job and knew that (selfishly) I needed the tax credits to keep my head above water. My partner has no idea that I was claiming and if he finds this out he will leave me for sure.
  4. Please help me I’m in a similar situations and I am absolutely passed myself. I have an interview phone call on Monday.
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