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  1. Well dx no one has helped so far apart from saying there is nothing they can do but they can and we are the proof. It's cost us money we haven't got. So yes goodbye
  2. I know Andy can be rude because he likes to look like top dog and doesn't like being questioned! You will hear from CWD no doubt saying they are going to strike your defence out. But you have got a good case so stick it out. It's the costs that they stick on that worries me.
  3. Where is all of this arguing getting anyone getting anywhere. Please can can we get back to.helping Helping each other .
  4. Once I found cag Dx I didn't feel alone because believed everything I read on here. That UAE cases will not be heard here. Wrong. Contesting jurisdiction has cost me £2300 I don't have and you say I've lost nothing! It's ok for people advising on here because they've nothing to lose. I did everything I was told..I asked numerous times if I would have to speak in court and was told everytime no..it's between the judge and CWD but as soon as I got into court I was asked what my argument was? I wasn't prepared. ..because cag told me i didn't need to be! So before blaming us defendants take a look at yourselves and ask what could we have done better? We've let these people down..let's improve our knowledge before giving advice on this subject we know nothing about. No what do you do? You blame us! For your information Dx my defence went in 2 days ago..I didn't spend 21 days running around other people's threads moaning..have never done that. I did my defence myself because I knew no one on here knew what to do and if I lose I lose..nowhere to get any advice. You'd do better acquainting yourself with the law of the UAE instead of picking arguments with people who are here because they're areally desperate for advise. Not one person on here who told me don't worry they will not be allowed to hear this case has ever come back to me or squaddy and I see concerned expat was never advised not to contest jurisdiction even though two cases had been lost the week before.
  5. Trouble is no one ever sees the T&Cs until CWD get involved. The bank rep always meets you somewhere other than the bank to sign an application which is a declaration you agree to T&Cs so you think you've signed an application but in reality you're agreeing to T&C you've never seen
  6. No one on here has been sent anything in Arabic everything we received you received. ..none of us ever got sight of the T&Cs. . you know that. It's all been sent from county courts in this country and no one knew how to to defend. You mislead us and has cost us money we can't afford. You told us they could do nothing. .to any of us ..wrong. they can. We relied on cag..wrong. .and now we are speaking out Probably be banned now.. Where's Andy now with all of he's knowledge? No where. I'm beginning to wonder what this forum is all about. Banning people for having more knowledge? ?
  7. Why Dx we know a lot more than you do about this surely. We've been out in the cold sInce we lost the out of jurisdiction case and now have had to battle it on our own So why do you think cag know more. I thought you were here to help people but apparently not if challenged We relied on cag and were let down BADLY and so stop with your advise you really know nothing about If you want to help find out more
  8. I understand what you're saying Andy but it seems none of the above applies due to The Rome Convention (they are circumventing the law as far as I can make out) I can tell you the circumstances around why I left but a judge wouldn't give that consideration would they? So apparently our cases can be heard here to give us protection but we have none because the loans or credit cards are not regulated here! Something wrong with that.
  9. You are right squaddy The banks don't even stick to their own regulations...they phone you constantly to take out loans when they know if you lose your job you have to leave..madness You have insurance that they won't honour and won't let you arrange a repayment plan and then bring their claims here for our courts to deal with because they can't be bothered. How is that right ?
  10. The T&Cs are governed by UAE law and the judge did say that UK courts are competant in hearing these cases although she did say no one's getting their hands chopped off!! Makes a mockery of it in my opinion. Only have to look at the news today to see what a joke UAE law is. How do you treat an unregulated loan Andy ?
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