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  1. I didn't insult you Andy just wondering where the help is ☺
  2. Who are they?? You the people who Si'd they could help with a defence! So where is it??? You Andy where are you then? ?
  3. They said they would give you a proper defence. Looks like they haven't got one concerned? Anyone?
  4. I would just like to know how they are getting away with this under UAE law in this country .
  5. Word for word same as mine apart from dates and amounts! Must have templates! And charging exhorbanant costs. How do they get away with it ??
  6. You think it's funny dx when my debt went from £15000 to £30000 under your guidance and Andy who doesn't now seem to want to gey involved? Neing new on here is a disadvantage because you don't have clue om went on before believe me
  7. You read all the posts in such a short space of time!! You have a lot to learn chipz!! Everyone else seems to being fine ? How's that?
  8. Have you got a case going ongoing? You people seem to be new on here and I suggest you look at myself and squaddy cases in the financial legal issues to get an insight
  9. The costs got thrown out. But it showed they were watching you. That's why everything goes quiet after court.
  10. The claimant has a Barrister. The same happened to me as to squaddy.
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