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  1. Thanks Andy that’s what I thought I’ll lift what’s appropriate
  2. Thanks Andy and is this just a form that can be downloaded or a drafted proposal and what does it mean exchange budgets? I presume I am completing this standard directions order? https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/standard-directions/list-of-cases-of-common-occurrence
  3. Great thanks. I appreciate there are instructions on your post but there’s a hell of a lot of detail and how would you know whether trial will last however many days?
  4. Can anyone help. I had a letter saying this is now a defender claim. They attached it as a photocopy along with a photocopier blank questionnaire but the letter implies only the claimant needs to respond by the 1st June as it’s over £50k.. Do I need to also complete a questionnaire or is it just showing me what was sent back to claimant? thanks
  5. Defence is submitted how would posting it here help? Andy was so rude here to be honest. Happy to to help others and they can contact me directly posting my defence for my own situation when my loan was inappropriately given after I failed credit checks is irrelevant to anyone else’s case.
  6. Why would I publicly publish my defence for those who have filed to clearly see here and prepare their counter action?
  7. Because if you debt is more than £5k spending that on a Solicitor will be better value. unfortunately Womble the team here have no clue in these cases.
  8. Andy you don’t know the meaning of the word courtesy. I have apologised for my outburst but you continue to be rude and you are supposed to be part of the site team.
  9. You banned the one person who actually has the answers so now the rest of us are screwed.
  10. All gone quiet on this funnily enough. Any ideas where to go from here?
  11. People are here for help. I am in pieces here and no one at CAG has actually given anything constructive. Today I spoke with a DCA and their solicitor to get the other perspective on it so I could file a defence. CAG isn't even able to give advice on how to present a defence without crappy comments like we aren't here to hold your hands. You are grown men/women I presume so grow the hell up and act like it and if you can offer help then please do.
  12. With regards to preparing defence I must have missed those lectures at Uni when I was studying for my law degree... How would I know how to prepare a defence? You keep referring back to other posts - but these posts obviously don't have correct information as CAG don't know how to advise on UAE cases.
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