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  1. Hi Concerned Expat, I hope you had a positive outcome? 

  2. Hi Andy their skeleton is what I uploaded this evening?
  3. So what action if any should I take before Friday?
  4. This is what I’ve done so far. Managed to do off my phone. Let me know if problem viewing Docs_for_review_.pdf
  5. The pack is for the Cost Managment hearing which they want to run if the summary judgment isn’t given. when I said regardless they aren’t interested in settling even though it would be in their interest. Yes in Witness Statement I posted here I explained I have tried to settle. I don’t believe they are contacting Emirates with any proposals or settlements as they are only after their £32k in fees. With the CCJ being granted it will be. A lose lose situation for all.
  6. The issue I have is I can’t redact it all as there are around 100 of pages of statements etc
  7. Hi all Been served a skeleton along with the pack again for the CMCC hearing. they want the strike out regardless is it worth me sending back a skeleton argument and stating again that I offered to pay? They are purely after their fees now. Will also contact Emirates Directly explaining this.
  8. Ah ok thanks Andy. The letter re: the hearing stated that they could put one across and then if I want to respond I can do as long as 24 hours before the hearing
  9. Question: ive checked paperwork it’s states a skeleton argument should be returned no later than 3 days prior to the date of hearing. is this the same as the witness statement? or do they both need to be submitted? if so do Witness Statements have to be submitted 7 days prior?
  10. Hi Andy and friends. Apologies for the lateness - I have had family illness issues this week but have now completed the attached. Can you please let me know if compliant and any other suggestions would be appreciated. Witness Statement Draft 1 .pdf
  11. Not going secret squirrel! I will get sorted and post over weekend or by Monday. I need to submit by Friday
  12. Thanks Andy. is it worth me uploading once completed? To check.?
  13. No I posted the date of the hearing on the 27th October. Andy said he would help once we had a date. I now have five weeks left. Andy if you aren’t prepared to help please do let me know. many thanks
  14. I did share the defence? Need assistance with new one?
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