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  1. No worries. ok. I’ve tried to send messages it says I can send 0 per day? Can you PM me so I can reply to you? thanks for the answer on the joint question
  2. So is it a waste of time sending in the objection? It says on the order I can object in writing and the court agreed? interim charge order (N86) equity joint (three parties) mortgage joint debt single please let me know if I shouldn’t respond or not?
  3. Wrong. I did the N245 lost the hearing and then ended up with the Charge Order so not sure how that doesn’t mean escalated. yet again poor information.
  4. Yep appreciate that. The advice I was given from day 1 to ignore was what has made this escalate for me and for others SquaddyP hope you are well. Are you able to assist me?
  5. Sparse information. The issue is here I don’t want my personal details listed on here so difficult to give info. However you don’t accept private messages as it won’t benefit others. Well frankly I’m here for advice for me. I did follow your guidance as per everyone else that has come against CWD I also had two legal firms turn down representation as they couldn’t be covered on insurance. If you can give some guidance on the objection to the Interim Charge Order please do. thanks in advance
  6. I was not given correct information here and there is a legal reason to pay this debt. I haven’t paid any of it back at this point? Yes they were granted summary judgment so I applied to have payments changed due to affordability and had that thrown out too
  7. I’m trying to pay it off. They just keep rejecting any proposal?
  8. I can imagine they are interested in their costs for this one and the debt itself. the equity is minimal here plus it’s in both names and I actually don’t own my equity either.
  9. Why was it not the whole debt? why did they go for bankruptcy surely then no one gets anything?
  10. I tried to get the order changed and made a monthly payment offer based on affordability but was rejected. they then went for the Interim Charge Order which I received today. no one has won against them. The judges felt this too and felt I had defended in the best way I could and were surprised they didn’t take the offer put before the Hearing as it would have been the only way to pay back
  11. Yes. And letter of objection going to court from her too
  12. It just has got advanced. I clearly got my defence wrong but we are where we are. I need to get sorted. re there any link to how to respond the N85?
  13. Today received the interim charge order on my property. Any advice or steps to take now?
  14. not until later this month. They are dragging it out for Summary Judgement Still on going. CWD refusing to prove Emirates pulling the strings. I have made countless offers to them which they ignore and now with Corona I have tried again. clearly this is about their costs now not the debt being chased.
  15. Still on going. CWD refusing to prove Emirates pulling the strings. I have made countless offers to them which they ignore and now with Corona I have tried again. clearly this is about their costs now not the debt being chased.
  16. Hi Andy their skeleton is what I uploaded this evening?
  17. So what action if any should I take before Friday?
  18. This is what I’ve done so far. Managed to do off my phone. Let me know if problem viewing Docs_for_review_.pdf
  19. The pack is for the Cost Managment hearing which they want to run if the summary judgment isn’t given. when I said regardless they aren’t interested in settling even though it would be in their interest. Yes in Witness Statement I posted here I explained I have tried to settle. I don’t believe they are contacting Emirates with any proposals or settlements as they are only after their £32k in fees. With the CCJ being granted it will be. A lose lose situation for all. I’m away this evening I will do tomorrow morning when back and post as
  20. The issue I have is I can’t redact it all as there are around 100 of pages of statements etc
  21. Hi all Been served a skeleton along with the pack again for the CMCC hearing. they want the strike out regardless is it worth me sending back a skeleton argument and stating again that I offered to pay? They are purely after their fees now. Will also contact Emirates Directly explaining this.
  22. Ah ok thanks Andy. The letter re: the hearing stated that they could put one across and then if I want to respond I can do as long as 24 hours before the hearing
  23. Question: ive checked paperwork it’s states a skeleton argument should be returned no later than 3 days prior to the date of hearing. is this the same as the witness statement? or do they both need to be submitted? if so do Witness Statements have to be submitted 7 days prior?
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