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  1. I’ve never complained or responded to anything I’ve felt was out of order I’ve shared documents and never moaned or commented about ill advice that’s been given so if by all 3 you include me then not sure why you would But it’s like People can’t ask questions without being attacked on here, which is my own opinion. I agree, sometimes the advice is very good. And sometimes it comes across as sarcastic - again my own view
  2. They won’t then? I can only say what I went through. it was a summary judgment for me
  3. Yes it was horrendous i did did not have the skills or knowledge to articulate my side really i stood on oath and went over my finances so the judge could give a monthly amount for me to pay back I now have a hearing for costs (the appealed) and SO to respond to
  4. Yes - but I need to respond to say why they shouldn’t put a full CO on at all?
  5. Thanks, I don’t really understand it i will have to reply to court stating why they should not put in a full charging order on the property
  6. I’ve now received a charge order (temp one until a full one can be applied)
  7. No way that can be justified They will probably respond to your defence a day before the hearing
  8. Crikey!!!! As if fees can be £32k?!? Exorbitant harm - as the weaker party (you) will surely be considered by any judge ? So stressful
  9. Budget cost? Their fees and the debt in total? When is the hearing?
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