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  1. Honestly. You are passive aggressive and actually in my view, of no help. All you do is make sarcastic comments. You won’t accept if anyone challenges yours advice. Even people who have been through this. Anyone who loses is accused of not posting everything, not following your advise. Or being a patsy (whatever that is) I was advised In court by the barrister not to post specific names dates etc as this site is monitored. I was then as part of CWD expenses charged for them monitoring this site. I have their claims if anyone wants to question. my advice is do your own res
  2. I have zero legal training- I can only tell you what happened to me and how I responded Which I am happy to do
  3. Real reasons. A family, child at school still. Not missed a payment. The debt was not proportional to secure to a house and would be paid within 3 years
  4. Sorry maybe won isn’t the correct term? I had the CO declined from the court. They Appealed. It was declined a second time. I pay the CCJ monthly. There is no CO on my house. Had they won the CO I know their next step would have been bankrupt order (not sure the terminology)
  5. I objected to the ICO's and won. Twice.
  6. A subject access request- to see what detail and data they hold about you
  7. Keep us updated interested in the outcome fingers crossed it goes your way
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