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  1. He had a nice clear photo of the badge. We've taken a horrible loan with a horrible lender. Someone I'd never usually touch. Will just have to try and work socks off to pay it quickly disability permitting! At least they are off our back for now. I really never want to experience that again. Thank you for your help, I am grateful. I'm considering complaining to the lender about the conduct, maybe. I'll see when I come down from the ceiling. I've definitely dealt with nicer people in finance that's for sure. I don't expect anything out of that, just that they might be more considera
  2. Thank you so much for replying. Yes sadly, I was laid up, even picking up my phone was a problem. When I emailed them on Thursday I was just outside the compliance period sadly. Getting to the toilet was an intrepid adventure!! Post hadn't been opened. The guy today accepted my vulnerability but my husband was there too. It sounds like we just have to find a way to pay it sadly. The blue badge wasn't on display, I carry it with me, paranoid someone might try and break in! I have sent a picture over to him but he says it isn't eligible anyway despite it being on the C
  3. Please could someone help, no judgement if it's okay, I'm having an awful anxiety attack and really don't know what to do! I've been pretty much on my back, long term ill with Fibromyalgia, my husband has been working back to back for the last 40 odd days much of it away. Thursday I started to feel a bit better and opened the post. I realised this had all got pretty serious and Rossendales wanted to arrange a payment for Council Tax debt. I emailed them on Thursday with a repayment arrangement but they never replied, apparently it was too late and "outside of
  4. Hope you get what you deserve! I've just had a letter from Santander with exactly the same wording "there are grounds to conclude that you would have bought the policy in any event” for a GE Money card from years back. It's actually for a really tiny amount, but found it so rude I'm going to fight it anyway!
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