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  1. No advice but exactly the same thing has happened to me, I got a letter from them yesterday. I waited under a minute for a guy to pull out from a space at Euro Car Parts in his van, he indicated that he was going to move to me and I've been slammed with a ticket. Photo shows me on the double yellows in two different places so they can see the car has moved. Feels like a money making cartel doesn't it! I'm so frustrated by it, I may just pay the ticket but I'd love to get something about this done long term for other people's sakes. I rang Euro Car Parts who told me it's happening to so many of their customers, they said to call Ezzyhaul who said their hands were tied, as they commissioned the private operator to do the work. I'm never going to use Euro Car Parts again, it's unreal they're trying to slam tickets on people for parking their cars. I may leave a review or two on Trust Pilot and the like.
  2. He had a nice clear photo of the badge. We've taken a horrible loan with a horrible lender. Someone I'd never usually touch. Will just have to try and work socks off to pay it quickly disability permitting! At least they are off our back for now. I really never want to experience that again. Thank you for your help, I am grateful. I'm considering complaining to the lender about the conduct, maybe. I'll see when I come down from the ceiling. I've definitely dealt with nicer people in finance that's for sure. I don't expect anything out of that, just that they might be more considerate of others in the same position in the future. One of the advisers even said that debt charities had told them they should be offering repayment schemes at that stage but it was company policy not to. I guess we are lucky to find a way out, some people might not have had that option. So grateful for your time and reply, thank you. EDIT - sorry just to say Rossendales and the Agent both stated the Blue Badge wasn't a reason that they couldn't take or clamp the car.
  3. Thank you so much for replying. Yes sadly, I was laid up, even picking up my phone was a problem. When I emailed them on Thursday I was just outside the compliance period sadly. Getting to the toilet was an intrepid adventure!! Post hadn't been opened. The guy today accepted my vulnerability but my husband was there too. It sounds like we just have to find a way to pay it sadly. The blue badge wasn't on display, I carry it with me, paranoid someone might try and break in! I have sent a picture over to him but he says it isn't eligible anyway despite it being on the CAB website. I might be missing something, my brain isn't quite doing what it should with the anxiety of it all! I am a postgraduate student and need to get out to certain things, I volunteer at a forest school placement when well enough, observe really to produce the paper I'm working on. (Autism and Forest School provisions). Although haven't been for a little time with recent events, but was planning to go this week. It perhaps doesn't make a difference to the case either way. Thank you for clarity and thoughts, I'm really grateful. I think the only way is a horrible doorstep loan company it's my own doing. I should have tried to find the energy to open the post.
  4. Please could someone help, no judgement if it's okay, I'm having an awful anxiety attack and really don't know what to do! I've been pretty much on my back, long term ill with Fibromyalgia, my husband has been working back to back for the last 40 odd days much of it away. Thursday I started to feel a bit better and opened the post. I realised this had all got pretty serious and Rossendales wanted to arrange a payment for Council Tax debt. I emailed them on Thursday with a repayment arrangement but they never replied, apparently it was too late and "outside of compliance". Balieff came today - I recorded the conversation, he was intimidating foul and nasty. He would not comply with a payment arrangement at all, wouldn't even take part of the money, wanted all of it £1,099 which I can't afford. I really want to pay back and sort it. This includes his fees. He said he would clamp my car - I have seven medical appointments and also use it for study and have a Blue Badge. He said none of this was a reason for not clamping/taking the car. It is worth below £1350.00 I told him I could not afford this amount, explained the disabilities, he didn't care. I spoke to Rossendales direct, even Head of Customer care, in the end they just said it was down to the balaiff. Apparently they have a policy of not making payment arrangements. Please help, sorry if this isn't very articulate, I normally am, anxiety at play. He has given a Final notice of intention to remove goods with my car on it and said if it isn't paid by 12:00 tomorrow he will clamp or take the car I'm not sure which. Either way he said he's heading back to Manchester for a few weeks so he wouldn't be able to take it off before then (we're in Sussex). Thank you for reading.
  5. Hope you get what you deserve! I've just had a letter from Santander with exactly the same wording "there are grounds to conclude that you would have bought the policy in any event” for a GE Money card from years back. It's actually for a really tiny amount, but found it so rude I'm going to fight it anyway!
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