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  1. What is the difference between Hoist Finance UK Holdings 2 Limited and Hoist Finance UK? I have already a repayment plan set up via Robinson Way but got letter of it transferring from Hoist Finance UK to Hoist Finance UK Holdings 2 Limited (I dont know the difference???)
  2. A family friend is undergoing after cancer care treatment received chemotherapy etc. Has been in the support group for it. He received a ESA50 form recently to complete and got his GP to provide him supporting evidence about his cancer after care and inability to walk. The medical report was very detailed. I am now astonished that they have sent out an appointment for a face to face assessment? How on gods earth will a face to face interview prove someone has got cancer and also issues walking from a so called Assessment Adviser who has no medical expertise in such cases?
  3. Can someone please advise which is the best course of action now. Back in February 2018 I had a missed connection flight with Eurowings which is part of the Lufthansa Group. The plane was delayed leaving one airport and once arrive in the connecting airport the flight had already took off. Thus missing my connection flight. I paid for another carrier to get me home which they eventually refunded. My gripe with Eurowings is the EU denied boarding regulations and at the time the only advice I was given was to accept the next flight which was 12 hours away. I have appealed to
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