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  1. Hello, sorry for delay in answering...I got it from the store, no special requirements.Thank you for helping.
  2. Hello there. First time poster, found you when googling for help. I went to SCS 3 weeks ago and ordered a sofa, albeit halfheartedly as the salesman was like my shadow. I have since that day found out I will not be financially able to pay for this with their credit company, due to genuine unforeseen circumstances. I spoke to Ikano their credit people, who was very nice and cancelled when Id explained, and gave me a reference number to take to the store to cancel. I did and was told to call their head office, who then told me to go back to the store which I did. He said Oh no I have to have it as they (scs ) have already paid...err no I was having credit. As its only 3 weeks I thought Id get in quick before it's delivered, so my question is is can I refuse the delivery when and if it does come? many thanks for any advice given.
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