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  1. thank you, looking through them they strike me as very similar to the previous text ericsbrother advised i send them so i'm thinking i reuse that response especially as they have taken to addressing me as Ms again ------------------------------------ Dear Sirs, as the world's second best parking company lawyers you must know that for someone to owe your client money there must be a breach of the unilateral contract's advertised terms and there was not. Your client painting yellow lines all over the place after the event and pretending they were there at
  2. i hate to ask, but would someone mind linking to a suitable letter, i have looked through lots of threads but not sure i have found a letter i can use
  3. I have received a final notice from BW Legal today, they are also back to addressing me as Ms final_parking_notice.pdf
  4. thank you, i will do nothing at this point. with regards to the wrong title, i didnt actually type that line in my post (think admin joined 2 posts together and somehow included that quote) they just assumed i was a Ms because of my name, i havent changed gender
  5. ok thank you, i will use your text word for word in a standard letter format with just my name address and their reference number, nothing more
  6. thank you for your advice and presumably i can put this in a normal letter format identifying myself with the relevant reference number? do i need to prefix with "without prejudice"
  7. ok so there are 2 letters in one envelope PPS saying account passed to legal team and the one attached any guidance on next steps gratefully received bw letter.pdf
  8. i see that BW legal have credit checked me a few days ago so i am fully expecting to hear from them shortly. i still have all of the relevant pictures and documents in this thread, will update as soon as i hear anything. edit....... my partner has just sent me a pic of a letter from BW legal, not opened it yet because its actually addressed to Ms not Mr, should i return to sender unopened?
  9. i want to avoid going to court if i can (although i will gladly go to court if needed to avoid paying these criminals) based on this information, am i able to nip this in the bud by contacting them directly?
  10. yes i have pics of the space before the lines were added. they are not listed here http://www.britishparking.co.uk/BPA-Approved-Operators
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