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  1. i want to avoid going to court if i can (although i will gladly go to court if needed to avoid paying these criminals) based on this information, am i able to nip this in the bud by contacting them directly?
  2. yes i have pics of the space before the lines were added. they are not listed here http://www.britishparking.co.uk/BPA-Approved-Operators
  3. i got some pics of the signage (attached as a PDF) it seems they have now painted yellow lines where i was parked docs1.pdf
  4. ok so do i still send my letter to Premier Inn or is deemed a waste of time, if so what are the next steps?
  5. The first reply to my post said Do NOTHING until you receive the notice to keeper. so thats why i waited thats my car in the space the empty space and another of the empty space, you can see its missing the right hand white line hence their not in an allocated bay claim i don't have pictures of the signs unfortunately and its a 100 mile round trip to get them although i am frequently passing so could get them next time i am passing. whats my next steps then? no problem following protocol as long as i know what it is
  6. i havent contacted the venue, the meeting wasn't at the venue, i was just using the parking as its convenient. i am however a premier inn business customer, is it still worth speaking to them? its a personal Lease so im the only person who would be able to drive the car, so i need to ask the lease company for the NTK?
  7. ok they have finally written to me, my car is leased and there is a copy of what VW UK must have sent them also enclosed. they have addressed me as Ms when i'm actually a Mr
  8. My father in law has received a final reminder from Britannia Parking its dated 8th of May he has his parking ticket from that day, nothing was fixed to the car and this is the first thing he has received from them despite the notice stating they have written in the past. Can anyone pls suggest the best way to proceed? Many Thanks
  9. in a rush for a meeting today i parked in what i thought was a bay but on returning to the vehicle a parking charge notice had been attached to my vehicle stating "Not Parked in Allocated Bay" 1 The date of infringement 22/3/2017 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? N have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) Not yet 5 Who is the parking company? Premier Parking Solutions 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Premier Inn, Southernhay Exeter
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