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  1. Hope this is a help? Thank you for your patience. Apologies. Try this........ docs1.pdf
  2. I have been trying to create a url for these documents for nearly two hours but can't work out how to do it. I can copy and paste all day long. I can scan,download and do all the basics but I am a business owner and not a whiz with IT. Is there any other way to put them on here at at all.....? Regards Mr Frustrated!!!!!!!!! The details are as follows:- 6/9/2016 received PCN. Within a couple of days appealed to them pointing out their shortcomings as the sign said (I have pictures) by permission of the management of the chase public house which is unoccupied. The carpark had 7 vehicles in and was less than a quarter full. I have pictures of the signs, the so called permits and can take any other pics that are required. there is a way you can suggest to get the images you require to you then just let me know. Sorry for being dull Carefulman
  3. Ok and thanks again. I have an early start in the morning so it will be tomorrow evening before I can come back.
  4. Thanks for that but I am flailing in the dark here. What is my next step then please?
  5. Good evening. I am a newbie so be gentle with me please. Parked in a near empty pub car park in September with my 86 year old father in law to take him to the bank and for some lunch. The signs were very officious and said permission of the landlord of the public house. The pub is empty. We were gone maybe 40 mins on return found a parking ticket on the window and a large gentleman in a very small van with "parking control" on the side watching and grinning. I asked him why I had been given a ticket he said because I wasn't showing a valid permit. What and where do I get one of those? You cant it's parking for the Co-op (nextdoor). The other cars aren't displaying permits. Yes they are! Where? Here on the dash (pointing). Two out of seven had " permits" which were black "P"'s printed on a piece of paper - one had been written in black biro on an old envelope. Not happy! Appealed in a couple of days in writing to UKCPS heard nothing till the 20th of December when I was sent a final demand letter for £100 to be paid within fourteen days or court action will be taken. I called and spoke to a very aggressive rude lady who told me they had sent a letter turning down my appeal and I had not responded. I never received a letter. She said it was my fault I had not received it and that I should "pay up or else"! I finished the call. I then sent a letter to the only Director of UKCPS a Mr Deegan to his home address stating the way I had been treated and asked him to sort this mess out. I sent it by post to be signed for and traceable. The post office could not get a signature and left a card. Where now please?
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