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  1. Just draft it including all the grounds I've mentioned. If you want to post it up I'm happy to review it. I'm not sure how you first got invloved with them but the SAR response did say it could have been through Bank Refund Checker, which Allay promoted on Facebook etc. If so it would be worth mentioning that the FCA banned them from these promotions and the ban was effective from 16 August 2019 through to 7 February 2020.
  2. You can say that about anyone who travels on any mode of public transport anywhere.
  3. You need to make a formal complaint to them and if they reject it you can then go to the Claims Management Ombudsman. Although Allay have taken people to court they have recently lost 2 cases on the basis that the form people signed was merely a 'free ppi check' form and not in fact a letter of authority or agreement. They also lost on the grounds that they didn't provide a copy of the agreement in a durable medium or a cancellation form at the point they claim the contract was stuck, contrary to distance selling regulations. So in my view it's it's unlikely they'd risk taking you
  4. I don't understand your point. Switzerland has far lower case numbers than the UK, in which case those returning from there would neccesarily be less likely to be infected than they would had remained in the UK.
  5. I said ''If they had attempted to effectively incarcerate my family by altering the conditions on which I entered the country, after I had entered it, I would have done exactly the same thing''. I would always put my family's welfare above that of others. Whether you or I think that's selfish or not isn't relevant to that consideration.
  6. You must have mis-read my post, which specifically referenced the enforcement of public health laws and not export regulations that in any event I'm sure ferry companies have a legal obligation to have their customers comply with. Maybe but that's not the point I was addressing, was it?
  7. The Swiss retrospectively applied the quarrantine requirements. If they had attempted to effectively incarcerate my family by altering the conditions on which I entered the country, after I had entered it, I would have done exactly the same thing. What do you expect the Government to do about it exactly? Is it the UK Govermnment's function to enforce other country's public health policies? No.
  8. What kind of society allows private companies to enforce public health laws?
  9. Indeed but the main problem will be distribution I think. Apparently the vaccine is very fragile and has to be kept at -70 degrees, far lower than other vaccines, and has to be transported in special containers which only last 15 days and need to be constantly topped up with dry ice. Then it needs to be stored in ultra low temperature freezers. They Not the sort of kit that your average GP surgery has.
  10. Straying off topic, the Pfizer vaccine trial announcement looks quite promising doesn't it? Apparently the UK already has 50m doses ordered.
  11. I think it's a bit of a myth. I've not been on the electoral roll for decades and my credit rating is perfect.
  12. You said it was ''states where the postal ballot can’t make a difference so they’ve declared without them''. Not Trump. Remember?
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