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  1. The thing is they've already rejected the complaint on mis-selling grounds and there is no obligation for them to reconsider. You're well out of time to go to FOS too so you're flogging a dead horse in my view.
  2. I'm with Smarty and they've been great. They've got the best deal by far for 30gb of data per month for £10 (with free calls & texts). For that price you only get 6gb with GiffGaff. For me the only downside is no wifi calling but their non-EU roaming (important for me) is pretty competitive.
  3. 1. Not really, they've already said they wouldn't and FOS won't look at it so there's nowhere to go really. 2. Correct. 3. Correct. 4. If they are the terms of the offer then the only way you could challenge it is through the courts. Even if you won you're back to square 1 and they could just reject the complaint. My advice? Take the money and run.
  4. I'm not describing the forum itself as a business but the underlying structure and activity that supports it financially. Unless you treat it as such and look at reducing optional costs such as accountancy you will continue to have to ''put out the begging bowl '' as you put it. It's simply an unescapable commercial reality. Of course it's your choice but not how I'd go about it, that's all. If the ethos of this community is to offer advice freely and unconditionally (which I have genuinely attempted to do in this case) then I do not believe I have misjudged it.
  5. It's none of my business of course but I can't imagine that your business is particularly large or complex enough to justify employing accountants and bookkeepers. This is particularly so when it appears that their cost is disproportionately large in comparison to the other expenses of the company. Crazy really. As a small/medium sized business owner of many years, and not particularly bright at that (!), learning to prepare and file my own accounts was really quite easy and once I got the hang of it was actually less time consuming than dealing with accountants to do it. Like I said, none of my business but I'd give the same advice to anyone.
  6. ….and given that we import significantly more than we export (around £47b per anum more) any reduction in the value of sterling represents a net loss to the UK. But try telling that to a populist.
  7. An EU commissioner said that the extension would have had to have been requested by the UK government in the first instance in any event, so quite why Boris needs a law to bind himself from doing something he doesn't want to is anyone's guess. Oh, I know! It's populism!
  8. You're ignoring the most difficult issue in a trade agreement. It's not the tariffs or the lack of them which is the tough part to reslove but the regulatory standards of the goods to be imported & exported that needs to be decided. For example the EU banned the import of chlorine washed chicken since 1997 which of course hurts the US, and who are going to be very keen to include it in any new agreement with the UK and will use it to barter prospective concessions in exchange . As a nation we're going to first have to decided whether that is acceptable or not and that alone will be difficult enough to resolve. And that's just one product. This has all the makings of a category 5 $h1t storm that will last an eternity.
  9. There's no off-the-shelf timetable for a trade agreement. Trade deals typically evolve over centuries but the UK is in a really unusual situation as it had adopted the EU's trading arrangements for the last 40 odd years and suddenly it finds itself without a trading agreement with any nation on earth, or even a recent history of having one. It's like a country of 60 million + people with a comparatively large economy moving on to planet earth and starting from scratch. As a democracy the UK has a lot of competing interests and so we won't just be negotiating trade deals with other nations, we'll also have to negotiate with ourselves which will take forever and a day and in the meantime the uncertainty damages our economy. This is why Brexit is the disaster it is.
  10. Is this post available in English? If you're going to present a point of view at least put some effort into making it coherent.
  11. All the indications are that it'll take significantly more than 12 months. More like 12 years and in the meantime continued uncertainty for business, low investment and a weak pound. The real disaster is yet to happen.
  12. I did and once again you are completely wrong. I haven't expressed any opinion on Corbyn or Labour or that we'll remain in the EU. Opinions are fine when they have at least some factual basis. If you want people to take you more seriously then at least try being honest.
  13. As I recall the only thing you tried telling us was based on a quote that you selectively edited by Lord James of Blackheath. You misrepresented it as a statement of fact when it was actually a question which was laughed at by his peers in the House of Lords. We told you it was garbage, you asked us to prove it and we did. Remember?
  14. If you won the court claim the court would have automatically included the claim & hearing fee, so not sure what's happened.
  15. It was not retweeted by Trump, in fact his press secretary Stephanie Grisham said he ''strongly condems'' what he's heard of it even though she claims he hasn't yet seen it . It has been widely criticised for being in extremely bad taste. If even Trump thinks it's over top what does it say about the decision to post it here?
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